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What Rogers network enhancements mean for you

And how the right smartphone can help you take full advantage of premium, next-generation wireless service

Rogers is enhancing its wireless network across Canada, to deliver a faster and more reliable connection than ever before, and laying the foundation for 5G technology and gigabit LTE. The latest smartphones are designed to get maximum benefit from these network improvements, helping you enjoy and do more.

How the network is improving

Rogers continues to work towards increasing the speed and strength of its wireless network in two ways: boosting (enhancing existing cell sites) and densification (adding new cell sites within our existing coverage area). Together, these upgrades enable customers to enjoy a faster, more reliable and consistent wireless experience than ever before.

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Devices designed for speed

How do the latest smartphones make the wireless experience even greater? Imagine the network as a huge highway. The new construction is adding more lanes, making room for more traffic at higher speeds, and reaching more areas than ever before. Everyone benefits from the highway improvements, but only certain drivers can enjoy the fast lanes.

Switching lanes is easy – upgrade your ride. The newest smartphones work in tandem with Rogers faster network, helping ensure you get the best possible wireless experience. A compatible LTE/VoLTE (voice over Long-Term Evolution) device enables you to experience premium data service and better-quality voice service.

Why VoLTE is superior

VoLTE is the latest evolution in wireless calling. If you have a VoLTE-compatible phone, your voice and video calls are made over Rogers LTE network instead of a slower HSPA connection.

When both you and your call recipient use VoLTE-compatible phones, you’ll notice the difference: the sound is clearer, the connection time is faster and you can still surf the web at lightning-fast speeds while you’re on a call. (If you’re calling someone whose phone is not VoLTE-compatible, the call will be a regular call over HSPA.)

With a Rogers Share Everything™ plan, you can enjoy unlimited nationwide VoLTE video calling on a VoLTE-compatible device. In terms of billing, VoLTE calls are treated like traditional calls – they’ll be deducted from the minutes on your plan, not your data.

Not sure if your current device is VoLTE-compatible? Check the specifications on

Four smartphones ready for VoLTE

Rogers has you covered with VoLTE-compatible smartphones that take full advantage of ongoing enhancements to its wireless network:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9
  2. Huawei P20
  3. iPhone 8
  4. iPhone X

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