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Video-game expert Shaun Hatton’s top tips for great gaming

Advice from the pros on why you need the right gear and awesome internet to be the best player you can be

Shaun Hatton (@megashaun on Twitter) has been playing video games since the age of three, he tells Connected's Matt Rorabeck. He's logged countless hours and late-night game marathons and has the hair to prove it. Hatton's passion for video games landed him a job at one of the country's most respected TV shows about gaming and video game culture – The Electric Playground – where he roamed the world talking to the biggest names in the business and playing all the coolest games before you and all your friends.

That's why we thought it would be helpful to Connected readers to sit down with Shaun and pick his brain about all things gaming in the modern age, the coolest and necessary gear you need to kick some pixels and why you need the best and fastest internet possible to make sure you don't end up as dead meat when throwing down in online play.

Check out Matt and Shaun's conversation in the video above, and for all the latest information on gaming with Rogers, check out