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Gadgets - May 2, 2018

Top four tech tools for enjoying the great outdoors

Camping doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it, not with these cool gadgets and accessories at your fingertips

After a long harsh winter, the buds of spring have arrived, meaning one thing for the outdoorsy among us: it’s time to get outside. For avid hikers, kayakers, mountain bikers, campers and even lakeside cottage loungers, there’s a plethora of high-tech tools to help make the most of your forays into the wild. Here are our top four über-cool devices and gadgets to fuel spring and summer outdoor adventures.

1. Inductor Charged Backpack

Whether you’re heading out for a leisurely nature walk or a vigorous hike, chances are you’ll want to stay wired: this sleek, stylish backpack from The North Face is a must. The pack features a charging dashboard with Joey T55 battery and compartments to store smartphone, laptop and tablet. You get the best of both worlds: your wilderness fix and your text messages.

2. Biolite CampStove 2

This portable, (virtually) smokeless wood campfire is not only handy for roasting marshmallows; it can also keep your iPhone charged up. The sleek, clean-energy stove – which features an integrated battery and LED dashboard – boils a kettle of water in under five minutes and generates usable electricity in the process. Next-level camping!

3. Fusion StereoActive Portable Marine Stereo System

It wouldn’t be an outdoor adventure if it didn’t include your favourite tunes. Or some time out on the water! This durable, portable, water-resistant boom box comes equipped to stream Bluetooth audio, pick up AM/FM radio signals, tune in to Weatherband radio and play MP3 media via a USB flash drive. Plus, you can download Apple or Android apps to make the system hands-free. And if you’ve had one too many beers and accidentally drop this in the water, it’ll float!

4. Garmin Tactix Watch

This water-resistant, scratch-resistant wristwatch is equipped with a highly sensitive GPS to help you navigate on your extended hiking or portaging trip. But that’s not all – it also features a barometer (for weather changes), and altimeter (for elevation), a three-axis compass, a tracker with 1,000 waypoints, and a battery life of up to 50 hours (and up to five weeks in watch mode). Guaranteed to bring out your inner explorer.

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