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Three cool things that go together perfectly

Some things just make sense when you put them together – like adding wireless to your Rogers Cable services. In that spirit, we take a look at some of life’s classic pairings and how they came to be.

Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, Jay Z and Bey. These are some of the most classic pairings ever. If you happen to be a Rogers Cable or internet customer, we’re here to tell you that adding wireless services to your account – like a spanking new smartphone or Share Everything plan – is a classic pairing that’ll net you some serious savings and other benefits. Here, we get into some of those benefits, while taking a look at some of life’s best pairings and how they came to be.

Hot Dogs & Baseball

Ever wonder how the humble hot dog became such a ballpark staple? While hot dog experts may battle over the exact origins of the tasty concoction, one account pinpoints it to a cold April day in 1901, when the frigid weather at the New York Giants' home opener was discouraging fans from eating their usual ice cream treats. Rumour has it baseball concessioner Harry M. Stevens, thinking on his feet, started selling popular German “dachshund sausages” on buns. When a local cartoonist recording the event couldn’t spell the word dachshund, it’s said that he coined the phrase “hot dog,” because of the tubed meat’s striking resemblance to the elongated dog of the same name.

And nothing goes better with a hot dog than a baseball game. But if you can’t make it to the ballpark for a Blue Jays game, then add wireless services to your Rogers account (and get a great deal on a brand-new phone) so you can stream games from anywhere. You’re on your own for the ‘dog, though!

Smartphones & Bluetooth

Name another technology that got its name from a kick-ass Viking. Way back in the 900s, Danish king Harald Blåtand, aka Harald Bluetooth, is credited with uniting then-warring countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway – not unlike how the device pairing technology unites your smartphone to your speaker to your headphones and beyond. Fittingly, Harald’s name was chosen when the wireless technology brought together Ericsson, Nokia, Intel, Toshiba, and IBM in 1998, to form a group to bring the standardized tech to the world.

What better way to honour King Bluetooth than to pair a new smartphone with a speaker to blare some tunes? Adding a two-year wireless plan can save you up to $200 off a new smartphone, and with shared and extra data, you can stream some Spotify or YouTube to your heart’s content. Use Stream Saver to stream even more, including videos via YouTube and Netflix.

Selfies & Celebrities

Remember when socialite Paris Hilton said it was her who invented the selfie? Silly Paris. Evidence dating as far back as 1839 details how photography pioneer Robert Cornelius uncovered his lens and ran in front of the camera to get the shot. OK, technically not a selfie, but in 1914 the 13-year-old Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, became the first know person to photograph herself in a mirror. Heck, even a 23-year-old Frank Sinatra was on the selfie train in 1938 with his cool bathroom mirror selfie, WAY before Kim and Kylie.

As the debate continues, you can get in on the fun by picking up a new smartphone for an amazing price, with the latest and greatest selfie camera tech with which to snap self- portraits and share. Enjoy additional convenience by controlling and monitoring your data from the MyRogers app. Add the benefits of Roam Like Home when you travel to 125+ destinations, and you could pay homage to Duchess Anastasia from Mother Russia.

Bottom line

For an already valued customer, adding wireless services and bundling with your existing cable or internet has loads of benefits. One bill, for example, means all your services are in one place for easy payment and maintenance. When Rogers Cable customers add Rogers wireless, you get exclusive offers and savings. Share data among family members, manage it via the MyRogers app, get exclusive fan experiences and more with GamePlus (available in your MyRogers app) and stream content on the go on the Rogers LTE network.

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