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The history of some of life’s classic pairings

Some things just make sense when you pair them up – like bundling internet to your Rogers wireless services. In that spirit, we look at some of life’s perfect pairings and how they came to be.

Hanks and Ryan, Gosling and Stone, Kermit and Piggy. These are some of the most classic cinematic duos ever. And if you happen to be a Rogers wireless customer, we’re here to tell you that adding Rogers internet services to your account is a classic pairing that’ll net you some savings and awesome exclusive offers – including one bill, Netflix and more. Here, we get into those benefits, while taking a look at some of life’s best pairings and how they came to be.

Movies & Popcorn

Can you believe that early theatre owners once banned popcorn from their cinemas? Before the introduction of the “talkie” in 1927, movies catered to a sophisticated crowd who would read the subtitles of those silent films – so no crunchy, noisy popcorn! But following the Great Depression, owners realized that everyday people were looking to escape reality with movies, yet wanted to satisfy their hunger at the same time. This made popcorn the perfect choice. Popcorn’s place in theatres was solidified during the Second World War, when candy and soda production took a dive as sugar was shipped overseas. Cheap, plentiful and easy to make, kernals started popping in every theatre – and the rest is history.

A similarly delicious and entertaining pairing can be found when bundling your Rogers wireless service with Rogers internet. Together, they provide a seamless entertainment experience, using strong Wi-Fi throughout your home to smoothly stream your favourite films and series; one unified and easy-to-read bill; and cost-savings.

Netflix & Chill

If you’re wondering how the 2009 tweet, "I'm about to log onto Netflix and chill for the rest of the night," evolved into social media’s favourite euphemism for “gettin' jiggy wit it” (1997’s version), you’re not alone. As the streaming service’s popularity grew, the term flew mostly under the radar as users in the know occasionally followed it with a winky emoji or put the “chill” in quotes. Subtle, right? By 2015 though, the jiggy was up. Memes featuring the phrase are now everywhere, Nicki Minaj and other celebs are on the bandwagon, and even Netflix has acknowledged its legitimacy. It fittingly describes the beautiful partnership between Netflix bingeing and relaxing at home.

Speaking of Netflix, did you know that by adding Ignite internet to your wireless account, you can get Netflix on us? Select bundles come with a Netflix subscription of up to 12 months for watching your favourite series and movies on the big screen at home, as well as via mobile devices on the go.

Hot Dogs & Baseball

Ever wonder how the humble hot dog became such a ballpark staple? While hot dog experts may battle over the exact origins of this tasty concoction, one account pinpoints it to a cold April day in 1901, when the frigid weather at the New York Giants' home opener was discouraging fans from eating their usual ice cream treats. Rumour has it that baseball concessioner Harry M. Stevens, thinking on his feet, started selling popular German “dachshund sausages” in buns instead. When a local cartoonist recording the event couldn’t spell the word dachshund, it’s said that he coined the phrase “hot dog,” because of the tubed meat’s striking resemblance to the elongated dog of the same name.

If you don’t have a hot Blue Jays ticket, though, rest assured you can still experience the game as if you were there by enjoying the experience at home through Rogers Ignite TV. (You’re on your own for the hot dog, though!)

Bottom line

As an already valued customer, you don’t want to miss out on one bill, guaranteed savings or unlimited and seamless internet service for surfing, streaming and downloading. Wireless customers will get exclusive offers when they switch their cable services to Rogers. Internet and wireless: a match made in heaven.

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