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Gadgets - May 10, 2018

Smart tech to deck out your cottage

These cool modern conveniences are perfect for your beloved rustic getaway

With cottage season finally in full swing, all the weekend warriors out there have a whole summer of lazy dock days to look forward to. For many of you, now is also a great time to start thinking about how to modernize your rustic retreats. How do you take your countryside cabin into the 21st century? Here are our top devices, gadgets and accessories to embrace the Internet of Things at your rural refuge.

Aera Smart 2.0 Home Fragrance Diffuser

We’ve all been there. You arrive late Friday night to find a stuffy cottage in desperate need of airing out. Keep it smelling fresh and clean with Aera’s sleek, hypoallergenic smart home diffuser with whisper-quiet technology. Using the AeraForHome app, you can adjust settings to fragrance small, medium or large rooms, and also schedule scent timetables for essential oil infusions. A sweet-smelling holiday home is at your fingertips.

Google Home

Cottage time is for kicking back and relaxing, so why not enlist a little hands-free help around the house? Voice-activated Google Home will assist you in playing songs and audiobooks, streaming TV shows, answering questions, scheduling reminders (note to self: must return to work on Monday) and placing phone calls. No getting up off the couch required.

Wally Sensor

Cabin upkeep can be a hassle, but preventative smart tech can help streamline your weekend-chore load in the long run. This wireless and mobile smart tech sensor is programmed to detect water leaks and changes in temperature or humidity that can lead to freezing pipes or mold – guarding against water damage in all its forms – and will contact you by email, text message or phone if any problems are detected.

Meural Digital Art Frame

Photo buffs and art aficionados will love this connected canvas, which makes a welcome addition to any cottage-room wall. Powered by TrueArt technology – which merges hardware, firmware and software – these lifelike frames can be controlled via website, app or the wave of your hand. Select images from Meural’s extensive art library or swap in your own photos.

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

When you close up the cottage and head back to the city for the week, you want to know that your place is safe and secure. Enjoy peace of mind with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, which allows you to control, and watch over, your cabin remotely via a smart phone app. You can also automate your thermostat, lights and small appliances, helping you to reduce energy consumption and save on energy costs. It’s a win-win.

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