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Rogers is committed to enhancing its wireless and cable internet networks

Ongoing improvements mean premium, next-generation service now and in the future

Canadians are using more connected devices than ever, from smartphones and smart speakers to smart TVs and home security systems. To keep pace with growing demand and the latest and greatest consumer tech, Rogers is continuously investing in its networks to deliver an experience that allows customers to do more of the things they love to enhance their lives.

Stay connected with Rogers wireless

Rogers wireless customers already benefit from a network that covers 97% of Canadians and includes extended coverage across the country, so you can stay connected through your smartphones and other devices wherever your day takes you. From the days of analogue voice calls and then SMS texting with 2G, to browsing the web on your phone with 3G and high-speed data and video streaming with 4G LTE, we’ve come a long way. To continue delivering a premium, next-generation wireless service to Canadians, Rogers is committed to laying the foundation for the future by bringing Gigabit LTE and preparing for 5G technology. As part of this plan, Rogers will continue to enhance its wireless networks in two ways: by boosting and densifying.

Boosting means enhancing existing cell sites to increase speed and LTE coverage in denser places, such as cities. Densification means building new cell sites within our existing network to improve speed and coverage in smaller, targeted areas.

As this enhancement continues, you will enjoy a faster, more reliable and consistent wireless experience than ever before. Tomorrow, you’ll enjoy endless possibilities as we embark on the world of 5G.

Future-proofing Internet and TV services

Consumer technology is changing quickly and relentlessly, and the next generation of TV and Internet services – including innovative whole-home solutions – call for a robust and dependable cable network that’s up to the task.

Rogers is dedicated to ongoing network investments so customers will continue to benefit from a reliable home experience, even as technology evolves. The Rogers fibre-powered network uses a combination of fibre-optic cables to the neighbourhood plus high capacity coax cables to the home – advanced technology that has already made Gigabit speeds available everywhere Rogers offers Ignite Internet today and supports the new Ignite TV service. The latest upgrades will extend the fibre infrastructure even more to further increase network capacity in various neighbourhoods. These enhancements will welcome the next generation of home services to come.

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