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Rogers announces plans for its 5G network

Not just about speed, 5G will deliver always-on reliability and real-time connectivity to bring things like real-time VR gaming and self-driving cars to life like never before

The future of wireless is on its way. Rogers recently announced its multi-year network plan to bring 5G to Canadians. Before a crowd of journalists at the Rogers Centre last week, Jorge Fernandes, Chief Technology Officer, Rogers Communications, announced the company's partnership with Swedish network giant Ericsson, a North American leader in 5G deployment.

Using the Rogers Centre as a testing ground, we were treated to several 5G demonstration areas. With an emphasis on real-time, low-latency response times, there was a virtual-reality baseball demonstration where participants wearing headsets tossed a baseball back and forth with nearly no lag between what was happening in real life and inside the headset. This level of responsiveness will open new doors for things like virtual shopping, self-driving cars, remote surgeries and more.

Working with Ericsson, Rogers will run 5G tests in Toronto and Ottawa, in addition to select cities over the next year. Check out the video for more details.

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