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Wireless - Mar 13, 2018

New super-convenient battery care for your Smart Home Monitoring

Now, you’ll automatically be sent replacement batteries in the mail as soon as the monitoring system detects that a battery is low – and that’s not all!

“Hey, honey, you know what would be fun? Going out to buy some fresh batteries for our Rogers Smart Home Monitoring system.” Said no person, ever. Because, with your family’s busy lifestyle, the last thing you want to do is to carve out time in your day to go battery shopping.

No worries. Not only does the Smart Home Monitoring notification system alert you when it detects a low battery on any of your sensors or accessories, now – for just $1.49 a month! – you’ll also automatically be sent a battery-replacement kit in the mail. Delivered by courier, the kit includes the exact batteries required (no more wondering which ones to buy and how many you need) as well as instructions and even a small screwdriver to help you complete the job. You’ll never have to run that battery-replacement errand again or have to dig through your junk drawer to find batteries you may have stocked up on months ago.

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring protects your home. With the new Battery Care Service, you’ll feel even more protected, worry-free. Convenience, peace of mind and a low price – what’s not to love?

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