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Just for You profiles: how a soccer-mom gets the most out of her smartphone and services

From supporting her kids on the field to watching her favourite hockey team on her device, everyone’s usage is unique and deserves a tailored experience

What’s your phone? What’s your plan? What’s your accessory? What’s your game? Everyone has their own combination of the things that make them ‘them.’ Here’s how a busy mom might use her devices and plan, and how she could get the most out of them.

Phone: Google Pixel Plus
The original Google Pixel Plus came out in 2016 and blew many people away. But along came the Pixel 2 Plus prompting many people to start thinking about upgrading. With one of the best smartphone cameras on the market, capturing moments on and off the field is easy. Plus, with the intelligent Google Assistant built in, many tasks become super simple.

Accessory: Google Home
The Google Pixel is like a gateway to Google Home – it’ll get you in the habit of speaking to your device to find answers in a split second while on the go. So, the next step is to see what Google Home can do for busy moms when they’re not on the run.

Plan: 2GB Share EverythingTM
Mom’s current plan may have suited her just fine. Now, with a teenager ready for their first phone, it’s probably not enough for everyone. More data? No problem. As the Data Manager, mom can easily control the family’s usage through the MyRogers app. Sounds like a no-brainer.

Game: Hockey via GamePlus
Lifetime hockey fans are in luck with all the cool perks available through GamePlusTM for sports nuts like mom. Tickets to games, VIP experiences and more aare in store.

Does this sound like you? Everyone’s unique and uses their devices and services to suit their needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your smartphone, explore the world of home automation or add a family member to your plan, find out what Rogers has to offer for you by checking out your tailor-made offers in the Just for You Event.

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