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Just for You profiles: how a busy father makes his devices work best for him

Whether it’s a bigger, brighter screen on a smartphone or more room on a data plan so the whole family can share, everyone’s usage is unique and deserves a tailored experience

What’s your phone? What’s your plan? What’s your accessory? What’s your game? Everyone has their own combination of the things that make them ‘them.’ Here’s how a busy father might use his devices and plan, and how he could get the most out of them.

Phone: iPhone 7
It’s a workhorse device, great for those who take a lot of pictures and video of the kids, and do a ton of editing on the phone to share with people. Watch lots of shows on it with the kids? A bigger screen would be a nice upgrade.

Accessory: Beats headphones
A great pair of headphones is a must if you spend a lot of time on the train, travelling to work binge-watching shows in transit. Some good “me-time” for dad, he could get an entire episode in each direction, and do it with great sound.

Plan: 4GB Share EverythingTM
Being on the go a lot – in the car on road trips, taking the kids to and from classes and practices – means you can’t download everything at home, so having enough data to keep everyone entertained on the go is a must. Make sure you have enough.

Game: Baseball
Whether you’re a big supporter of the Blue Jays, or the kids are and you all love watching and going to games together, there are tons of ways to watch and experience Canada’s Team on TV, devices and at the ballpark.

Does this sound like you? Everyone’s unique and uses their devices and services to suit their needs. Whether you’re a dad looking to upgrade your device, or a mom wanting to add data to your plan or get some new accessories, find out what Rogers has for you by checking out your tailor-made offers in the Just for You Event.

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