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Ignite TV is going to change the way you experience entertainment

Ignite TV is here, with revolutionary technology that includes a voice-controlled remote, all-in-one search and so much more. There’s never been a more effortless way to access all your favourite content, including Netflix, YouTube and live TV!

Rogers Ignite TV revolutionizes how you watch TV by putting you in command of your viewing. Search not just live TV, but also on-demand, YouTube, and even Netflix programming all at once from a single spot. Watch your favourite shows on any device, wherever you are, with or without an internet connection. Experience tailored content via apps geared for sports fans and kids. It's the most personalized and effortless TV experience Rogers has ever offered – check it out.

Voice Remote: you talk, it listens

Our Ignite TV mission is to provide everything you want to watch in one place, and a key piece of that puzzle comes in a brand-new voice remote that lets you search not just using the names of shows, but also actors, directors, and even famous quotes. Not sure what you want to watch? Ask for a personalized recommendation based on your viewing history.

Ever find a show to watch, but it’s already half over? With the aptly named Restart feature, you can start watching live TV from the beginning of the show – meaning you won’t miss a minute of your favourite programming.

Or, you can watch them as soon as they finish airing on live TV thanks to Instant On-Demand – as well as YouTube and even Netflix (assuming you have a Netflix subscription). You'll save time by finding what you want faster, and you may even stumble across some unexpected gems along the way.

See the remote in action here.

One system, one search

Just as important, Ignite TV lets you access more from a single system. If a movie gives you an idea for a recipe you'd like to try, you can say "ratatouille recipes on YouTube" to call up a recipe tutorial. You can curate a broad range of age-appropriate content for your kids using the KidsZone app, and if you're a sports fan you can use the SportsApp to find not just live and recorded programming, but also call up scoreboards and stats on both the game you're currently watching and others.

And with seamless Netflix integration there's no need to jump out of live TV and open the Netflix app, since all of your voice searches include results from Netflix's library.

Watch on any device, anywhere

But Ignite TV goes beyond providing easy access to the content you want when you want it. It also lets you watch TV wherever you are.

Say you’re out-of-town and want to binge-watch the latest episodes of The Bachelor (no judgment!). The Ignite TV app – available for iOS (get it!) and Android (get it!) devices – lets you stream live and on-demand programs as well as your recordings from Cloud PVR, so you can access them from any device connected to Wi-Fi. Cloud PVR allows you to store up to 200 hours of HD or 4K programming for as long as a year.

You can also browse to to watch on your computer from anyplace with a Wi-Fi signal. More than that, you can download recorded shows to your device of choice using Download & Go, which means you can save content to up to 5 devices without using up wireless data, so you can catch up with Chris Harrison and the gang in places where you might not have access to the Internet, such as subway trains and planes. It's true anywhere TV.

Ignite TV will change the way you consume your favourite programming. And it's available right now in Ontario. Visit the Rogers website to learn more and get started with Ignite TV today.

Only on compatible iOS and Android devices. Restart functionality only available with select content (dependent on licensed content rights). Instant On Demand functionality only available with select content (dependent on licensed content rights). Available content depends on your subscription. On compatible iOS and Android devices, within Canada, where you have an internet connection. Out-of-home streaming limited to 2 devices at the same time, and combined in-home and out-of-home streaming limited to 5 devices at the same time (including streaming via on your computer). Content and feature availability dependent on licensed content rights. Data usage charges may apply when off your home Rogers network. Cloud PVR recordings and select on-demand content may be downloaded on a limited number of compatible iOS or Android devices for a limited period of time and up to a max number of downloads (subject to device storage space). Once downloaded from Cloud PVR, the recording is checked out and unavailable for download to other mobile devices or the set top box until it is checked back in. See for details.