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How to optimize your gigabit internet experience

Make sure you’re getting the most out of Rogers Ignite with Gigabit speed


Rogers IgniteTM with Gigabit speed is now available everywhere Rogers offers internet – and Rogers Gigabit customers are currently enjoying the kind of internet they only dreamed about just a few years ago. Now you can download and access most things – photo albums, podcasts, YouTube clips – in less time than it takes to decide to do it.

The biggest obstacle keeping many people from making the most of their Gigabit connection is learning to think about the internet in a new way. We have to teach ourselves that in a world of Gigabit speed, most traditional bandwidth barriers are reduced almost to the point of insignificance.

Moving from traditional internet to Gigabit is like switching from walking to taking a supersonic jet everywhere you go.

Imagine that you’re in a rush but want to download an album on Spotify before leaving the house. With Gigabit, it should take less than a second. So why not download the artist’s entire catalogue just to be safe? The difference will be roughly the time it takes for you to walk from the kitchen to the front door.

Watching streaming videos? Now there’s no reason to settle on lower-quality settings just to avoid stuttery playback. With Gigabit, a feature-length HD movie can be downloaded in well under a minute. And if you have a display that supports 4K, you can stream Ultra HD video in real time without appreciable lag. In fact, several people in your house can enjoy 4K streams at the same time without worry of bandwidth congestion.

Gamers are in for an even bigger treat – and not just because slow speed can be a factor in the dreaded lag. Some of today’s biggest titles necessitate downloads exceeding 50 GB. Even a routine update can top 20 GB. With slower internet connections, players would often need to wait hours before being able to start playing. Gigabit speed, on the other hand, chews through these enormous files in a matter of minutes. Begin downloading a big new blockbuster like Mass Effect: Andromeda, go fix yourself a snack and chances are you’ll be ready to start playing by the time you get back to your seat. And with Gigabit speed, you don’t need to hold back – don’t just play your best game; you can also live stream, post results, share tips online and more, all at the same time.

The key is to start thinking about internet without limits. Moving from traditional internet to Gigabit is like switching from walking to taking a supersonic jet everywhere you go. The difference in speed – and the resulting benefits – are impossible to ignore. You just need to remind yourself once in a while that most of the speed barriers you used to worry about no longer apply.

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