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More - Dec 7, 2016

Holiday Calling Has Never Been Easier

Ho-ho-hold off on using Skype this year – instead, stay connected with family and friends with a $5 long-distance add-on!


As the holidays approach, many of us will write a Christmas card or email a “Happy Hanukkah!” greeting in order to stay connected to friends and family in other countries. These are great ways to stay in touch and let everyone know how you’re doing. But, most of us will admit, nothing compares with a long telephone conversation to really catch up. There’s nothing like hearing your loved one’s voice to make you feel close, even when you’re halfway across the planet.

The only trouble is, once you’re on the phone, the clock starts ticking on your long-distance charges. Talk about stressful. That’s the last thing you want when you’re chatting about your holiday dinner plans, what Santa is bringing the kids or the exciting New Year’s Eve party you’re hosting this year.

But the worry that can come from calling long-distance is totally unnecessary these days. Shockingly expensive long-distance charges are a thing of the past when you order a long-distance add-on to your Rogers wireless device.

Take, for example, the $5-per-month long-distance add-on available on your post-paid wireless plan. For that monthly rate – less than a fancy coffee – you’ll get call rates starting from as low as 2 cents per minute to up to 70 countries, including China, the UK and India. Compare that with 95 cents per minute without the add-on and that’s some serious savings. Want to follow up the phone call with a text, picture or video message? That five bucks gets you unlimited U.S. and international messaging, too.

“But I’m used to using calling cards or Skype,” you may be thinking. Sure, those are still options. But admit it: it’s way easier to just pick up your smartphone and dial a number than it is to launch and use another app or purchase a calling card and have to tap in the codes and other information. And when the holidays are so frantic and busy, ease of use is everything.

On top of that, with the long-distance add-on for your Rogers wireless device, you don’t need to look for a Wi-Fi connection to make a VoIP call; the service is available everywhere. It’s a no-brainer.

For more information about long-distance add-ons for your Rogers wireless device, click here.