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More - Apr 11, 2017

Four ways to get greener with Rogers this Earth Day

Switch to online billing, recycle your devices, and more!


Earth Day (April 22) is right around the corner, and you’re probably already familiar with dozens of simple ways you can “green” your life: buy eco-friendly products, eat organic and sustainable food, turn off the lights whenever you leave a room, and so on. But did you know that being environmentally responsible can extend to your tech, too?

It can and it’s easy. Here are four ways for you – and your devices – to get greener.

1. Switch to online billing and plant a tree

One of the easiest ways to make an impact is to switch to online billing, which is super-convenient and immediately reduces your paper waste. With Rogers online billing, you can also download and save all of your bills, making recordkeeping a snap.

Plus, for a limited time, Rogers will also plant a tree for every customer who switches to online billing! That’s right: Rogers is partnering with Tree Canada, so you can go green at home and literally make the planet greener in the process.

To sign up for Rogers online billing:

1. Log in to your MyRogers profile

2. Click on “Profile & Settings”

3. Scroll down to the Billing section and click “Edit”

4. Change your settings to “Online Billing”

And don’t worry about missing a bill: Rogers will send you a monthly reminder when your bill is ready.

2. Conserve your device’s battery charge

Extending the charge on your device’s battery means having to recharge it less often, which in turn helps conserve electricity. There are a number of things you can do to make a charge last longer, including:

1. Turn off automatic refresh on apps

2. Turn off apps running in the background

3. Enable your device’s power-saving/low-power mode

Check out more tips here!

You can also use DeviceAid from Rogers* to help troubleshoot battery drain and to get more suggestions on how to optimize your battery life. DeviceAid is built right in to the MyRogers app and can help you resolve issues with your device in just a few taps.

3. Download environmental-awareness apps

If you’re going to use the power of your wireless device, why not use it for environmental good by downloading some cool eco-centric apps? A few to consider: GoodGuide, which rates thousands of products on their ingredients’ eco-friendliness; EcoChallenge, an app that monitors your carbon footprint; or Ecoviate, which officially launched on Earth Day 2015 and ensures your social-media newsfeed is filled with sustainability tips, stories and products.

4. Recycle your old devices

Have a pile of outdated smartphones cluttering up a drawer? Thanks to Rogers Recycling Program, you can recycle them instead. Just drop them off at any Rogers retail location or use the Rogers Trade-Up program to trade in your old device for credit** toward the purchase of a new device. (Bonus: Rogers also has recycling programs for your modems and internet accessories, and cable TV set-top boxes and accessories, too!)

*Compatible device required. Currently compatible with all smartphone devices with iOS or Android operating systems.

**Amount depends on the original price, age and condition of your device.

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