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Gadgets - Apr 16, 2018

Four cool kitchen gadgets to enhance your life

A bit of cutting-edge tech can bring the heart and soul of your home into the 21st century

No matter what its size, the kitchen is where the family gathers, where meals are prepared together, and where life’s little moments often take place. Whether you’re seeking extra efficiency or entertainment in your favourite household space, gadgets can enhance the quality of the time you spend there. Here are four that can transform your kitchen.

1. Ultimate Ears Megablast ($255,

These days, Bluetooth speakers abound, and you’ll want something extra-special in the heart of your home: Ultimate Ears’ Megablast speaker is up to the task. First, it’s completely wireless, as in battery-powered – no competing with other kitchen appliances for an outlet. Second, it’s fully waterproof, so there’s zero worry about getting it wet – you can literally dip it in the sink and it’ll keep rocking. Third, Megablast has Amazon Alexa built-in: tell her to change the track, increase the volume, switch albums and more. On top killer sound that will fill the entire house, it comes in multiple colours to fit your decor.

2. Breville Precision Brewer Thermal ($350,

While it definitely looks intimidating at first, Breville has created a very streamlined machine that delivers consistently delicious results. Its best feature is probably the high level of customization that’s available. It has six presets that can handle everything from a strong brew to a cold one – it does hot and cold equally well. You can even create your own settings based on specific preferences and the type of bean you’re brewing that morning.

3. Click and Grow The Smart Garden 3 (US$100,

Fresh. Farm to table. Local. Regardless of the label, we all want to consume better food, but busy schedules, long commutes, classes for the kids and limited budgets all get in the way. Enter Click and Grow: this smart garden makes growing herbs and vegetables in your home super-simple. Think of it as the Keurig of produce. Just open up a package, pop in a plant pods, fill the reservoir with water and plug it in. The unit automatically ensures your budding garden has enough light, water and nutrients ’round the clock, keeping your kitchen stocked with fresh produce free of pesticides and hormones year-round.

4. PicoBrew Pico C (US$500,

This isn’t your grandfather’s home brew. PicoBrew has updated and automated the beer-making process into a compact tabletop unit. Designed by a food chemist and a software developer, Pico C is the brand’s model for craft-beer enthusiasts (there are models for experienced and commercial brewers, too). This one uses real ingredients – no nasty syrups or extracts! – to produce exceptional results. They’ve also teamed up with well-known breweries around the world, adapting popular recipes to fit their system, so you can replicate some of your favourite beers at home. Brew five litres at a time – the process takes about two hours, and the finished beer will be ready in 10 to 14 days. Cheers!

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