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Four smartphone cases perfect for summer

Fun, funky and functional, these cases will protect your device no matter what you’re up to this summer

Summer’s almost here – is your smartphone ready? Consider upgrading your device’s current case with something more appropriate for your busy summer activities. Here’s some inspiration.

1. For the beach: Joto Universal Waterproof Case, $9

While many smartphones can handle a bit (or even a lot) of moisture these days, none do particularly well when grains of sand make their way inside. More a bag than a case, the Joto Universal Waterproof Case keeps out sand, water and pretty much everything else, making it an essential accessory at the beach. While safely enclosed in the case, your phone can still perform all its regular functions, so go ahead and text from the comfort of your beach chair or take incredible pictures and video while swimming. This case won’t win any style awards, but sometimes function takes precedence over form.

2. For the trails:OtterBox Defender Series case in Realtree Xtra, $49

If you’ll find yourself in the woods this summer, consider a Defender case from OtterBox – especially this model, with its nature-inspired design. OtterBox’s Defender series is known for its durability, and promises full protection from drops, dust and screen damage – port covers block the dust, while a hard inner shell and soft outer slipcover deflect shocks. The case also includes a holster.

3. For the backyard garden party: Sonix Clear Case in Betty Bloom, $45

The warm weather means outdoor get-togethers, and although you’ll be socializing IRL instead of on your beloved smartphone, you’ll surely pull your device out once in a while – so make sure it’s as beautiful as your surroundings. Sonix’s Betty Bloom case is perfectly sturdy while also strikingly lovely.

4. For the golf course: Golf Ball iPhone Case, $30

After you chip the ball, drain the putt and score a birdie, you might be tempted to pull out your phone while your opponents take their turns. Let them know just how golf-obsessed you are with this stylish 3D-textured golf-ball iPhone case. It’s subtle enough for daily use at the office but also ideal for the green.

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