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Four signs you might need to upgrade to unlimited internet

If your streaming, gaming and downloading habits are on the rise, it might be time for next-level internet


Whether you’ve recently gotten obsessed with five new Netflix® shows or your growing family’s appetite for online gaming, YouTube and video chatting is exploding, your internet usage seems to be on a steady rise. Not sure if you need more? Check out our cheeky list of signs it might be time to go unlimited.

1. You really rallied the realm

In preparation for Season 7 of Game of Thrones, you binge-streamed seasons one through six on Rogers Anyplace TV and blew past your usage limit.

2. You had some unanswered questions about Hannah

You watched 13 Reasons Why twice, leaving you with 26 reasons to upgrade.

3. Because losing is not an option

You’ve spent more time than is healthy trying to defeat N00B_BLAST3R_98 at Overwatch. Don’t give up, you can do it. Plus, the speed boost you’ll get by upgrading will help!

4. The world wants more you

Your YouTube channel where you put things back in their boxes is blowing up right now and you need unlimited usage to keep up with demand. Give the people what they want. Upgrade to unlimited and let them never be left unsatisfied.

With Rogers Ignite internet 150u, 500u and Gigabit, there’s so much more you can enjoy. For more information on the wide range of Rogers unlimited internet packages visit

®Netflix is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc. ™Rogers Ignite is a trademark of Rogers Communications Inc. or an affiliate, used under licence. All other brand names, titles and marks are trademarks and or/copyright of their respective owners.