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Social - Apr 19, 2017

Follow these five Instagram envy accounts

Awe-inspiring Instagram accounts serve up a smorgasbord of aspirational photos

Photo by localwanderer (

It’s that time again. You’ve hit the afternoon slump and now, double Americano and artisan donut in hand, you’re looking to escape into a fantasy world – at least for a couple of minutes. For your daily daydream break, there’s no better app than Instagram. (And no better way to feel slightly dissatisfied with your own life, but that’s fuel for motivation, no?). To save you the endless scrolling, we’ve compiled a list of five must-see Instagram accounts. Feast your eyes on these wonders of the social media world.

1. Dylan Furst @fursty

If outdoor adventure is your jam, you’re definitely going to want to check out this Pacific Northwest lifestyle photographer. The intrepid Bellingham, Washington, outdoorsman is always heading off into the wilderness, camera in hand, and snapping surreal images of glaciers in Greenland, treks through the Canadian Rockies and hiking puppies. Guaranteed to give you a case of itchy feet.

2. Amber Lewis @amberinteriors

Amber Lewis is a darling of the interior design world – with the Architectural Digest home tours to prove it – and an Instagram sensation. Home-décor nerds will love this L.A.-based designer’s sleek, airy, minimalist esthetic. And the rest of us? Well, let’s just say we may feel the need to do a little decluttering on the home front.

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3. Sarah B @mynewroots

Sarah Britton, a former Torontonian who now lives in Copenhagen, is a cookbook author and blogger famous for her gorgeous plant-based creations. A holistic nutritionist, her recipes are as wholesome as they are drool-worthy. (Think: buckwheat waffles with pear, banana, dried raspberries, maple syrup and coconut milk powder.) The only problem with gorging on this Instagram account is that your sad salad or soggy sandwich lunch might not look too appetizing afterward.

4. Local Wanderer @localwanderer

This account is the epitome of inspiration. In January 2014, two pals, Elaine and Taylor, quit their jobs, hopped in a car and set out to explore the West Coast. The result is a wanderlust-inducing account, packed with windswept, sun-drenched pics of vacation spots from Palm Springs to Whistler. Beachcombing and brunches abound!

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5. Nextsubject @nextsubject

We love this homage to all things NYC from a man mysteriously described as “a visual content creator from Brooklyn.” Big Apple enthusiasts are sure to dig his hip-hop-style portraits, moody bridge shots and electric streetscapes. His photos are so stunning, in fact, you might just find yourself Googling flights to JFK.

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