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Five sites to visit before 10 a.m. each day

Bookmark these online gems to start your morning and stay in the loop

Other than Facebook or Twitter, what sites should you visit each morning to get your regular fix of news, sports and entertainment? The following sites are updated daily and feature high-quality journalism (not fake news), plus a great user experience.


If you’re interested in what’s going on beyond our nation’s borders, bookmark Quartz. Founded in 2012 and designed primarily for tablets and smartphones (but works perfectly fine on desktop), Quartz offers “creative and intelligent journalism with a broad worldview.” The stories are aimed at those interested in business and the new global economy. If you become a fan, consider signing up for the Quartz Daily Brief e-newsletter, which has more than a quarter million subscribers and arrives early each morning. You’ll be the first of your friends to know what’s going on in the world.


Whether you’re looking for the scores from last night’s games or an analysis of how they played out to prep you for water-cooler talk at work, SportsnetTM is the best place to start. It’s the website of a larger brand that also includes TV and radio stations, and boasts some of the country’s best sports journalists (who seem to work around the clock to ensure the content is always up to date). The site features easy-to-navigate design and engaging photos, and plenty of videos if you’d rather watch than read.

The Outline

Launched just last year, New York-based The Outline is a media startup to bookmark immediately. Its focus is on stories that explore the themes of power, culture and the future. Some are timely, some aren’t, but most are fascinating, click-worthy pieces, like stories on why America is still obsessed with O.J. Simpson, a look at the origin of giant novelty checks, and an analysis of “problematic faves” (that is, popular celebrities who have been accused of some form of prejudice or bigotry).

The Guardian

What began in 1821 as a British daily newspaper has evolved into one of the best international news websites in the world. You’ll find articles in all the expected categories – politics, sports, business, culture, travel – as well as strong, informed opinion pieces and award-winning investigative stories. Unlike many newspaper websites, The Guardian doesn’t keep its content behind a paywall; rather it (politely) requests small donations to keep the quality of its journalism high.


TheSkimm, which just celebrated its fifth anniversary, is an absolute life-saver for anyone who wants the scoop on current events or breaking news, but doesn’t have the time (or perhaps even the interest) to read lengthy articles about each topic. Click on “Daily Skimm” to read a short, almost point-form version of the day’s biggest issues, summarized into easy-to-read blurbs (but with links if you want to delve deeper). Subscribe to the site’s daily e-newsletter if you’d like the news sent directly to your inbox.

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