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Five big-time buffering bummers you hope never happen

From Game of Thrones to Star Wars, you’ll want to avoid streaming lags during these epic TV and movie moments


Nothing can ruin a streamed movie or TV show like sluggish internet, especially if (gasp!) that lag were to happen right at the most crucial, classic, important, jaw-dropping instant! Here, we’ve compiled a list of five pivotal TV and movie moments you never want to suffer from the buffer.

1. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – “Luke, I am your . . .”

Just like Luke Skywalker, you’ll be screaming “noooooo!” if the movie were to start sputtering here.

2. Game of Thrones – R+L=J

We’ve waited seven seasons to finally learn that Jon Snow’s real parents are… [bufferrrrrr]…

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3. A Few Good Men – “You can’t handle the truth!”

You could skip this whole movie and head straight to that one ultra-intense Tom Cruise-Jack Nicholson explosion and still be satisfied. But not if your internet can’t handle it!

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4. Breaking Bad – Face off

You won’t truly understand why Breaking Bad writers titled the Season Four finale “Face Off” – not if your internet freezes up before the camera pans around drug kingpin Gus Fring’s entire face . . . or what’s left of it.

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5. Psycho – Shower stall

Even your internet can catch a fright and stutter as Janet Leigh’s Marion Crane meets a showery doom in a motel bathroom. Still, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the most iconic shower scene in cinematic history.

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