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Gadgets - Feb 28, 2018

Five awesome headphones for kids

They come with cool safety features and in a range of parent-pleasing price points

If a pair of kids’ headphones is on your shopping list – maybe you have summer travel plans or perhaps you just want some quiet around the house – then to check out our list of top headphones for the little ones.

1. Onanoff BuddyPhones WAVE

New-to-the-market BuddyPhone WAVE headphones are waterproof, wireless (with 20 hours of listening time on a single charge), and offer four different volume settings, including one specifically for delicate toddler ears. They also fold up for easy transporting and have a built-in audio splitter, which lets up to four headphones connect to the same device – perfect for when your kids are watching a movie on the same iPad. They come in adorable designs created with little ones in mind (unicorns, robots and bumblebees!) but older kids might find them a bit babyish. $90

2. Etymotic ETY Kids 5 Earphones

ETY Kids fit right inside your child’s ear, which may freak out parents who are worried about hearing damage. But the earphones seal the ear canal, so the volume doesn’t have to be turned up to block out distracting background noise. That means even at the max volume setting, kids can listen safely for up to four hours a day, without any concern of hearing damage. The ear tips are designed for small ears and should fit comfortably for kids ages four and up. (Our kid tester wasn’t used to having anything in his ear, but within two sessions got completely acclimatized.) $65

3. Puro Sound Labs Kids Wireless Headphones BT2200

After extensive testing, these headphones were rated the No. 1 kids’ headphones by The New York Times’ gear-and-gadget website Wirecutter. They’re volume-limiting to 85 decibels, noise-cancelling (a feature not available on most kids’ headphones as it can make them pricier) and promise 18 hours of playback when used wirelessly. $130

4. LilGadgets Connect+ Style

These volume-limiting headphones let you plug another headphone into it to share audio – ideal for long road trips or air travel with a couple of kids. Although this pair isn’t wireless, its included nylon-covered cable is four feet long, allowing for a greater distance between your kid and their device. $60

5. Maxell Safe Soundz

If you’re looking to spend a little less without compromising on safety – hearing damage due to too-loud headphones is a scary thought for most parents – then try out the Maxell Safe Soundz kids’ headphones. They might not have the durability of the higher-end brands, and they aren’t wireless, but they’re safe for kids’ ears (ages 6 to 9), have a padded headband and ear cups, and offer cute designs. $20

We’ve rounded up some of the best headphones for grown-ups, too.