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Gadgets - May 29, 2018

Find lost items faster with Tile Sport

Keep track of your valuable items with Bluetooth technology

We’ve all had those panic-inducing moments when suddenly we can’t find an important item – like keys, wallets and smartphones. Item-finding technology like Tile Sport saves you the time and frustration of searching for lost things.

Tile Sport is a tiny device that uses Bluetooth technology to help you keep track of your stuff. Simply attach one to an item, then keep the free Tile app (available for iOS and Android) running in the background on your phone. It remembers the last time and place you had the item, and it displays the location on a map. You can also ring a Tile Sport from the app. If your item is nearby, Tile Sport will play a song (you can choose from a variety of ringtones), or you can use the app’s proximity meter to locate it without sound.

Tile Sport has a range of 200 feet – twice as far as other Tile models – and it’s twice as loud. Tile Sport is also a phone finder. Double-tap its button and your phone will ring, even if it’s set to silent. Tile Sport weighs just 15 grams, and it has a handy cutout for a key ring or loop. It’s dust-resistant and waterproof to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes, and the batteries last a full year. This model is even more rugged than earlier versions as well, which – along that excellent waterproofing – makes it ideal for outdoor adventures, such as hiking, biking and trips to the cottage.

If you share items with someone else – say, a vehicle you share with your partner or teenage kids – you can share your Tile Sport with them (they just need the app). Never lose the car in a parking lot again! And here’s a nifty feature: Tile has the largest network of finders in the world. If your Tile Sport isn’t nearby and it’s not in the last place the app remembers, you can ask other Tile users to help. If one of them gets within Bluetooth range of your lost item, you’ll receive a notification. It’s all automatic and anonymous – only you will know the location.

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