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Add More Sizzle to Your Summer

These tech gadgets will help improve your BBQ game
iDevices (Weber) iGrill 2 Grill Thermometer. Visit

Barbecue season is upon us. Before you fire up the grill, here are four great tech gadgets that can help you improve your barbecue game and grilling skills.

1. iDevices (Weber) iGrill 2 Grill Thermometer

Whether your guests like their meat rare, medium or well done, the US$100 iDevices iGrill can help you obtain the perfect cook for everyone. The Bluetooth-enabled thermometer comes with four probes, so you can keep track of four steaks or burgers at a time. Once inserted, the probe sends data to your iOS or Android smartphone and tells you when it’s time to serve each one. It works within typical Bluetooth range of 150 feet, so you can relax with a beer in hand and some good conversation as you await a notification. The sensor mounts magnetically onto the grill, and you can have a quick look at the illuminated display to check the temperature at any time.

2. Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

Show off your awesome lightsaber skills as you expertly flip burgers with these Star Wars-inspired barbecue tongs that come with a red storage case and produce classic lightsaber sound effects. They’re officially licensed, and the handle is heatproof. Grab them for about $62.

3. Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner

The least favourite part of barbecuing is the after cleanup, so why not automate the process? Charge up this US$130 cleaner, place it atop the grill, push the button and you’re done. It will clean the surface using replaceable wire brushes and a smart engine to regulate speed and direction. It’s like a Roomba for your barbecue. Once finished, it sounds an alarm, so you can put down the beer and magically declare your barbecue sparkling clean.

4. Napoleon TravelQ 285-BL Portable Gas Grill

Not all summer barbecues take place in the comfort of your backyard. Sometimes, we take the grilling to a campsite or cottage. Instead of cooking over a firepit, you can use a portable grill like this 12,000 BTU one, for making simple meals like burgers and hot dogs or some breakfast sausages. Pack this travel-sized gas barbecue into its carry bag and throw it into the trunk along with the rest of your camping or cottage gear. When you’re ready to use it, pop it open and cook up to 18 burgers on the two burners and 285-square-inch surface. Get it with a scissor cart for about $400.