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A quick history of internet speed

We’ve gone from Kilobits per second to Gigabits per second in the blink of an eye

When the World Wide Web was launched more than 20 years ago, E! News and The Jerry Springer Show had just hit the airwaves, Douglas Coupland’s era-defining Generation X was first published and everyone was listening to Nirvana’s groundbreaking Nevermind. Back in the ’90s, we were perfectly content with internet speeds topping out at 56 Kbps, but no one knew just how far this new technology would take us – and how fast. Speed itself became a crucial piece of the equation, fuelling an ever-expanding cycle of innovation and stoking our appetite for more of everything and anything online. Who knew that bandwidth-gobbling platforms like YouTube would one day consume us endlessly and accelerate our need for speed exponentially? Today, we’ve added Facebook 360, virtual reality and more to the mix – and Canadians are among the world’s most voracious internet consumers. No wonder we’ve been at the forefront of some of the medium’s significant developments: here are just a few historic highlights along the way.

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