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A new way to get extended Wi-Fi at home

This awesome new solution can solve challenging Wi-Fi woes so your family can get better connected today

Did you know that no matter how powerful your modem or how fast your internet service, things like your home’s layout, building materials – even your neighbour’s tech – can slow down your connection? In fact, the more materials or signal activity in the path of your Wi-Fi (think support beams, mirrors or appliances) the more likely it is to be disrupted.

But before you relocate your modem to the middle of the room, imagine this: a strong signal, no matter where you are in your home, thanks to a powerful and affordable new piece of technology. Meet Rogers Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi. Here’s how it works:

1. Expands your coverage

Whether you’re cozied up on your smartphone in a sunny corner, or gaming in the basement, you’ll get a strong signal – even in the hardest-to-reach spots in your home. In fact, just one hub and beacon set covers the typical Canadian home (each hub and beacon covers about 1000 to 1500 sq ft each). True to its name, Rogers Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi ensures your internet coverage is strong throughout your home.

Improved Wi-Fi in a sleek and subtle package: Meet the new Rogers Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi. Photo: eero.

2. Directs your Wi-Fi around your home

As soon as it’s plugged in, the software starts learning your space, devices and network usage – and optimizes your Wi-Fi to fit your needs. Have a modem that’s stuck in the basement? Get a strong signal, even in second-floor bedrooms, thanks to smart technology that finds the best route to all your connected devices.

3. Gives you control

Use the companion smartphone app to see which devices are currently connected and to check the status of your home network. Change your Wi-Fi password or share with family or friends whenever you choose, with just a few simple taps. It’s easy to make sure you know who is using your Wi-Fi in real time.

Staying connected with strong, smart and secure Wi-Fi means less downtime and more surfing, streaming, binging and playing! Learn more at

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One hub and one beacon $9.99/mo. Each additional beacon $4/mo. One-time $49.99 Personalized Install Fee applies. Taxes extra. Supported iOS or Android device with data connection, email address and mobile phone number (from any provider) required for setup.