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A Compact Keyboard Ideal for Travellers

Now’s the prefect time to pick up a Zagg Pocket Keyboard from Rogers

When you need to type a quick email or text message while travelling, the keyboard on your phone or tablet works just fine.

But when you need to do a lot of typing, tapping the letters on your phone or tablet can slow you down a bit. So what you do you when you need to be highly productive using your wireless device?

You use the Zagg Pocket Keyboard. A keyboard you can fit in your pocket? Yep!

Here’s how it works. Unfold the Zagg Pocket Keyboard and prop your phone or tablet against it. Using Bluetooth, the keyboard pairs with your device and lets you type quickly and naturally, like you do on your laptop or desktop. The battery lasts up to three months between charges: strong magnets keep the keyboard folded and help maintain battery life by automatically turning it off when closed*.

All done typing? Fold this super-lightweight keyboard up and throw it in your bag, purse or even your pocket, as its name suggests. It’s that compact.

The keyboard works well with LG Pads, iPadAir 2, iPad Mini, Samsung Tab S2, or any iOS and Android smartphones.

Ideal for frequent travellers or anyone who wants to type a lot, quickly, while on the go, the Zagg Pocket Keyboard is the sort of product that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without until you got one.

Now’s the time to pick up a Zagg Pocket Keyboard: until January 31, you’ll get 50% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $100 at select Rogers and Fido stores, as well as on and For more details, visit

* Three-month battery life is based on average use of one hour per day. Condition the battery with regular charges.