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5 Amazing Gadget Gifts for Teens

Yes, they’re hard to buy for but they’re bound to be thrilled with one or more of these great gifts

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Got a tech-loving teen on your holiday list this year? Skip the gift card and pick up one of these cool finds.

Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS Personal Robot | $400

Winner of the Most Innovative Toy distinction at the 2016 Toy of the Year Awards, the Meccano Meccanoid will keep your teen busy for hours. First, she’ll have to build the thousand-plus-piece robot, which stands at a whopping four feet tall. Then, she can program it to learn a variety of movements and record sounds that play back, thanks to its 64-megabit flash memory. The Meccanoid G15 KS has 10 motors that control its head, arms and feet, and is programmed with more than a thousand clever phrases, comments and comebacks. Pair it with a free app for even more interactive fun!

Lumi Gaming Drone | $99

It can take a lot of effort just to keep a drone in the air – so much that you can’t always focus on much else. Lumi Gaming Drone changes that. It uses technology to stabilize itself in the air, reducing the chances of a calamitous crash, and leaving you free to concentrate on the super fun app-based games that work with it. For example, “Lumi to the Beat” lets you match flashing LED colours on the drone with colours on your screen. If you’re too slow or touch the wrong colour, the drone will slowly descend. Another fun Lumi activity: you can program your own air show with drag-and-drop moves and colour changes. Your Lumi will flip, roll, or figure-eight with just one touch.

The Tile App | US$90 (four-pack containing two Mates and two Slims)

“Dad, have you see my keys? Mom, where’s my backpack?” You’ll never get these questions from your teenager again once he’s set up with Tile and the accompanying app. Attach Tile to the items you lose most. Can’t find your keys? Open the Tile app and touch a button. If your keys are within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, Tile will play a loud tune until you find it. If it’s his smartphone itself your teen constantly loses, Tile has an answer for that: he just needs to double press any one of his Tiles to make his lost phone ring – it’ll do so even on silent. Tile Mate is best for keys, luggage and backpacks; Tile Slim (touted as the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker, as thin as two credit cards) was made with wallets in mind.

NHL 17 | $80

NHL 17 is the game of the season. Available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it features realistic gameplay and lots of modes to try out (like Season, Playoffs, World Cup of Hockey tournament and Franchise Mode, where you’re the GM managing the team’s budget and even negotiating possible relocation). Notable are the game’s customization options; gamers can personalize their arena, team jerseys, players (even their hairstyles!) and goal celebrations. Pull off signature moves like Ovechkin’s hot stick or Subban’s shooting arrow.

Asus 8-inch ZenPad Tablet | Holiday price $200 

What teen wouldn’t want to find a tablet under the tree this year? The Asus 8-inch ZenPad is a no-fail pick. Running on the super-user-friendly Android 6.0 operating system, the device is both portable and powerful. Movie lovers will appreciate the vivid, rich display and six speakers, while photography buffs won’t be disappointed by the device’s rear and front cameras, which capture stunning, high-resolution photos, thanks to technology that combines software and optical design. Pair it with a sweet set of wireless headphones and your teen will be elated.