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More - Jan 27, 2017

Four things you (probably) didn’t know about MyRogers

MyRogers is the best, and easiest, at-home and on-the-go resource to help you manage, personalize and get help with your Rogers products and services


Make sure you’re getting the most out of your products and services by using the tools and solutions built in to MyRogers. Sign in online or via the free MyRogers app for your smartphones (available for iOS or Android) and discover how MyRogers makes everything – from managing your family’s data and finding help with DeviceAid to accessing your account and even paying your bill on the go – easier than ever.

1. Manage Your Family’s Data

With the MyRogers app, Share Everything customers can easily keep tabs on their plan and monitor the data usage of everyone who’s on it. With worry-free data management, a family member can take on the role of Data Manager for their Rogers Share Everything plan. Through the free MyRogers app, you can keep track of overall usage and of account members’ individual usage. It alerts you with warnings if it looks like someone might go over their monthly allotment of shared data (which the Data Manager can set themselves), and you can react accordingly by either giving them a break from using data or allotting them some extra. Each user on the plan can use the MyRogers app to see exactly where they stand, and don’t worry – the Data Manager doesn’t have access to info about what each user is using the data for.

For more information on worry-free data management, click here.

2. Get Help with DeviceAid

If you ever need help with your smartphone, the quickest and easiest way to get it is with DeviceAid, a helpful and free service built in to the MyRogers app. Want to set up the privacy controls on your iPhone? Ask DeviceAid. Want to see if you’re eligible for a device upgrade? Ask DeviceAid. Quickly diagnose, analyze and resolve many common account and hardware issues on your device, right from your device. With DeviceAid, you’ll find answers to a ton of frequently asked questions, and you can even ask your own or have a chat with a Rogers Live Agent if all else fails. There’s a whole lot more you can do with DeviceAid, too: click here for some more suggestions.

3. Pay Your Rogers Bill on the Go

One of the most wonderful things about technology is the convenience it creates in our everyday lives. Things you once could only do by dropping an envelope into a mailbox can now be done electronically from just about anywhere. Like accessing your Rogers accounts and paying your bills, for example. Sign in to MyRogers, at home on your computer or with the MyRogers app on your tablet or smartphone, and easily pay your bill with the click or tap of a button.

4. Change Your Plan Yourself

Find yourself using more data than you expected? If you have one line on a Share Everything plan, you can use MyRogers to change your plan to better suit your needs. Just sign in online or through the app and select Change Plan. Follow the instructions to choose the new plan and you’re all set.

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