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Hockey - Mar 2, 2017

How GamePlus Brightened This Couple’s Day

They’re both diehard hockey fans, just got engaged and then received two tickets to the Centennial Classic

On December 30, Rogers customer Brandy Exner activated her GamePlusTM experience and received two tickets to the NHL® Centennial Classic hockey game on January 1 at BMO Field, where the Toronto Maple Leafs narrowly defeated the Detroit Red Wings in a tense match. Recently engaged, she brought her fiancé, Patrick Walford, with her and they had a blast ringing in the new year together amid a cheering crowd. They both took a moment to tell us about the thrilling experience.

Connected: Congratulations on your engagement! Have you set a date?

Brandy: Thanks! We got engaged on December 7. We were in Vegas for the engagement. It was just the two of us, and we had a nice romantic experience. We’re getting married next year on September 23.

Connected: And you’re both hockey fans. How easy was it to activate your GamePlus Centennial Classic access with Rogers?

Brandy: It was super-easy. All I had to do was just click that I wanted to get the tickets and I was then asked to fill in some basic information, log in to the GamePlus account and that was it. We found out we got them the very same day, the day before the game.

Connected: How did that feel?

Brandy: We didn’t think we’d be going to this game because it was sold out; people had been selling tickets for $500 each, so just getting in was a huge perk in itself.

Patrick: Super-unexpected. Literally the hottest ticket in town. Very much appreciated – so thank you, Rogers!

Connected: What was the mood like at the stadium that day?

Brandy: It was pretty cold [laughter] and it was outdoors – the crowd was crazy.

Patrick: With Detroit being only a few hours away, a lot of fans drove up from Michigan. Let’s just say that some of them were partying straight through from New Year’s Eve – it was very interesting, to say the least.

Connected: And it was an exciting game, too.

Patrick: You couldn’t have asked for a better finish. Toronto was down 1-0 going into the third period. They scored four goals and then the Wings came back and scored three to tie the game up with about a second left to go to overtime. Auston Matthews scoring for the Leafs in overtime: you couldn’t have scripted it any better.