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Apps - Jan 20, 2014

Your Guide to Rogers Anyplace TV Apps

Watching the programming you love has never been so easy!

Rogers Anyplace TV™ is a unique service that gives you many different ways to remotely watch your favourite shows, sporting events, movies and more – whether it’s on your computer, tablet, smartphones and/or Xbox (One and 360), you can bring your television with you wherever you are, whenever you want! Best of all, it's totally free to register and included with your cable subscription.

Here’s a look at all of the Rogers Anyplace TV options.

Rogers Anyplace TV on Desktop/Laptop

Use it on: Your Mac or PC desktop or laptop.

What you can do: Rogers Anyplace TV for desktop/laptop lets you take your cable subscription beyond your living room. Wherever in Canada your computer happens to be, and wherever there is an internet connection, you’ll have access to live sports, movies, current TV episodes and even some of the speciality channels you’re signed up for. You just need to be connected to Wi-Fi or LAN internet to start enjoying.

Ideal for: The super-traveller, who doesn't go anywhere without his laptop; the busy professional, who catches up on her shows during lunch break; the student on the bus on the way to class.

Get started: Simply register with your My Rogers account at, unlock your favourite shows and enjoy!

Rogers Anyplace TV Mobile App for Smartphones

Use it on: Android and iOS smartphones.

What you can do: Enjoy live TV, movies and sports content available over Wi-Fi and wireless networks. Pull out your iPhone or Android smartphone, log in with your My Rogers account, and catch up on your shows during your commute to work on the bus or train. Kill some time while you wait for your haircut or sitting in the waiting room at the dentist. There’s a wide variety of available content, including programming different than what you might find on or on Rogers On Demand.

Ideal for: The constant commuter; the person who uses their smartphone for everything.

Get started: For just $5/month, you’ll get unlimited viewing (for a limited time). Just grab your phone, queue up your shows and watch! Visit for details and compatible devices.

Rogers Anyplace TV Mobile App for Tablets

Use it on: Android and iOS tablets.

What you can do: Watch your shows on-the-go wherever you take your tablet – so, just about anywhere! for details and compatible devices.

Ideal for: The parent who needs to entertain her kids with Rogers Kids Zone in the middle of a too-long car ride; business trips or road trips; sneaking in downtime in the middle of a hectic work day.

Get started: Pick up your tablet, sign into your account, and have at it!

Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition

Use it on: Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Available in Ontario only.

What you can do: Control your TV from your tablet or smartphone with the ability to remotely schedule and manage your PVR, access and search content, and live stream 26 live channels at no extra cost. Visit for full details.

Ideal for: The person with an unpredictable schedule; anyone who likes to set up at-home entertainment on-the-fly.

Get started: Take your smartphone or tablet, configure, and hit the couch when it's convenient for you!

Rogers Anyplace TV on Consoles/Smart TVs

Use it on: Xbox (One and 360) and LG Smart TV, with more compatible devices to come.

What you can do: Access 3000-plus hours of TV shows and movies, including networks such as City, Global and CBC, and premium channels such as AMC and HBO. Use the Rogers cable service you already have on devices not necessarily connected to a set-top box.

Ideal for: University students who want to use their family's Rogers cable account on their smart TV or gaming console; kids with separate, Xbox-connected TVs in their rooms – or parents with the same.

Get started: Just set up your LG Smart TV or Xbox and get cracking on the shows and movies you love.