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Apps - Oct 18, 2017

You can now stream up to three times more video with Rogers

If you’re a Share Everything customer, you’ll love the new Stream Saver feature

Picture it: you’re out with the kids – at the doctor’s office, at a restaurant, at your spouse’s hockey game – and they’re getting antsy. After exhausting your snack supply, you finally tell them that they can use their devices to watch a few videos on YouTube – until you remember that you’re a bit concerned about your family’s data usage lately. Meanwhile, your teenage children are clear across town, probably streaming lots of video on the go, as they often do, giving you one more thing to worry about.

Or not.

Yes, like most families, yours lives on data. And, yes, streaming video uses more than most other smartphone activities. Sometimes, you try to conserve by being choosy about what to watch when you’re outside the home (or hunt around frantically for Wi-Fi). But if you’re a Rogers customer with a Share EverythingTM plan, you now have one less thing to worry about. Thanks to Stream SaverTM in the MyRogersTM app, your family can actually watch up to three times more video with the same data than they could before. For real!

Simply update your app and you’ll see that whoever serves as the Data Manager now has the ability to control how each family member uses data to stream video. Turn on the feature and you’ll be able to view up to three times more video using your data*. How is this possible? It’s not magic, but it is quite clever.

The Data Manager can turn on Stream Saver for each line on their data plan, so the line streams videos automatically on SD vs. HD, letting you get more out of your data. Stream Saver works on most (but not all) video platforms, including YouTube, and if you’re concerned about blurry, pixelated or slow-to-load videos, don’t stress: on mobile devices, the video quality is still high enough for a great viewing experience, similar to DVD quality.

To try out the new feature, launch your MyRogers app. The Data Manager (if you haven’t set one yet, you’ll need to do that first) also has the ability to monitor usage and set thresholds for each line, and to be notified when they reach their data limit and temporarily pause data, so choose your manager carefully!

For further instructions and to learn more, click here.

*Based on Rogers internal testing dated September 11, 2017, analyzing total amount of data used to view mobile-video content from the 30 content providers most often used by Rogers customers with Stream Saver vs. without. Customer-initiated service reduces available bandwidth while viewing select mobile video-streaming content, resulting in delivery of a lower-resolution video stream. Stream Saver may not be able to recognize all video content; unrecognized higher-resolution video will continue to stream at its normal speed and resolution.