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Worry-free last-minute travel guide

Tips and tricks for making the most of your short-notice vacay

What could be more fun than throwing caution to the wind and heading off on a spontaneous getaway? Whirlwind weekend in Paris? Sunny beach week in Maui? Yes, please! But nobody wants to wind up paying through the nose for their lack of planning. Have the best of both worlds with these last-minute holiday hacks. And don’t forget: with Roam Like HomeTM from Rogers, you’ll be able to stay connected worry-free during your trip and avoid unexpected roaming charges when you get home*. How’s that for one less thing to think about?

1. Be open to any destination

Short-notice trips are an ideal time to explore new destinations. Why not let your vacation spot be inspired by the deals of the day? Download Hopper’s Get the Flight Out app, which shows you the cheapest flights from your city. Tonight and tomorrow morning, no less! Hopper has an app for both iOS and Android devices.

2. Do your research

Use an aggregator like Airline Consolidator to compare costs across the Web. The only thing better than one fabulous fare is having a dozen to choose from.

3. Go against the grain

Be strategic about your travel days and times. Rates tend to be lowest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, sidestepping both the business travel crowd and the weekend warrior vacationers. It also pays to depart during off hours; red-eye flights can be super cheap. And, of course, booking during low season is always smart.

4. Stay connected

Follow your favourite travel brands on social media and sign up for e-newsletters. While you’re away, keep an eye out to score last-minute, city-specific deals.

5. Take risks with accommodation

Don’t be afraid to roll the dice when it comes to where you rest your head, using sites like Priceline that give you your hotel name after you’ve booked. You never know: you might end up sleeping at a five-star – for half the cash.

6. Grab all the discounts you can

Everybody loves a good coupon code, but sometimes it can be a hassle combing the net to find one. Install the Honey browser extension and never miss a discount again. Honey Travel also allows you to collect “keys” that allow you to access exclusive hotel deals.

7. Cheap out on meals and activities

Once you’re on the ground, there’s no need to pay full price for food or fun. Use the standby site Groupon for deeply discounted meals and activities. Plus, spa visits!

8. Share and share alike

Save big by chauffeuring yourself around with car-sharing apps like Car2Go (iOS or Android), instead of splurging on cabs, limos or town cars. Bonus? You’ll get to know the streets of the city you’re visiting.

Whether you’re booking a trip at the last minute or well in advance, with Roam Like HomeTM from Rogers, you’ve got one less thing to think about. Your plan travels with you – so you can use your phone's data, talk and text just like you do at home in over 100 destinations worry-free. For more details, visit

Check this out if you need some destination inspiration.

* Excluding prepaid accounts, most enterprise plans as well as monthly plans that include roaming services. Additional restrictions apply for My 5/10 customers. Pay-Per-Use rate and subject to change without notice. Taxes extra. Fee charged per line in addition to plan monthly fee and applies for 24 hours from first use in eligible destination. Roaming charges apply when outside eligible destination. Data: Usage exceeding plan allotment charged in increments rounded up to next MB or GB as applicable. Texts: While in eligible destination, includes texts sent to local or Canadian wireless number. Sent/received premium texts, sent international texts to non-eligible destinations charged at applicable rates. Calls: While in an eligible destination, includes unlimited calls to local or Canadian numbers. International long-distance rates apply to calls made to other countries while in eligible destination. for full terms and conditions and list of eligible destinations.