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Apps - Jul 25, 2017

Tune in to Radioplayer Canada

New app focused on Canadian radio stations lets you listen to radio your way


Radioplayer Canada | Free | iOS, Android

The way we listen to radio is changing, and Radioplayer Canada – a new free app for Android and iOS devices – is designed to cater to our modern mobile and tech-infused lifestyles.

Boasting a library of more than 400 Canadian AM and FM radio stations spanning the entire country – from 100.3 The Q! on Vancouver Island to Big Land, Labrador’s FM in Newfoundland and Labrador – Radioplayer Canada lets you instantly tune in to a live stream of your favourite local station anywhere you have access to the internet.

And it’s a cinch to use, thanks to a simple and accessible visual interface. You can browse based on location, musical genre and what’s trending, and the app keeps track of both your favourite stations and those you’ve recently tuned in to for easy access. More adventurous users can let the app browse your phone’s music library and connect to Facebook, which will help it come up with recommendations for Canadian stations you may have never encountered before.

Want to listen while driving? Swipe on Car Mode to connect to your vehicle via Bluetooth, which will let you take advantage of your car’s speakers while switching to a user interface with giant play and pause buttons you can tap easily without so much as a glance when your phone is mounted to the dashboard. The app connects to wireless speakers the same way.

It also offers both an alarm and a sleep timer. Set the time you want to wake up, pick your station (or let the app surprise you with a random choice), and toggle the Enable Alarm slider. You’ll be roused at the designated time by the sound of your favourite station. Prefer to fall asleep to the radio instead? Select how long you want the current station to play for and it will shut off automatically after you’ve zonked out.

The upshot: Radioplayer Canada lets you browse and listen to radio your way, wherever and whenever you like. Whether you need to tune out the crowd on the bus or just can’t stand the station favoured by your office friends, this handy app empowers you to lean into your Canadian radio preference.