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Moving - Aug 4, 2017

Top tips to make your next move extra smooth

Moving motivation in just one click: how to get organized and make plans for your new place, right this way

Imagine coming home to an impeccable entryway... details below! Photo: Janis Nicolay for Chatelaine.

So you've found a new place to call home – congrats! One of the best things about moving is the potential of a new space: the walls are a fresh canvas for design ideas, empty rooms waiting for furniture and homey touches, a clean slate for organization (that last one may be wishful thinking).

Can't wait to get started? We're sharing some of the best organization tips, design ideas and tech breakthroughs from our friends at Chatelaine to make your new space feel just like home.

Decluttering and organization tips

Tech appliances you need to know about

Professional painting tips

Decor ideas you'll love for your new space

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