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Apps - Mar 10, 2017

Top apps for road trips with kids

Smart, fun games to keep kids entertained during long car rides and layovers


Taking the kids on a trip for summer? If you’re in for a long plane, train or car ride, download these exciting apps to avoid the dreaded “Are we there yet?”


Nampa Holiday

$3.99 | iOS

This colourful app features eight travel-themed mini-games kids can play off-line – no Wi-Fi required. Players choose a mode of transportation and go on a sunny vacation with water slides, sandcastle building and more. Nampa Holiday has no score-keeping, and it’s free of third-party ads and in-app purchases.

Saga Mini Road Trip

$5.49 | iOS and $5.49 | Android

Jinja the cat is going on a road trip, and kids can tag along. They choose the destination and the vehicle (we love the pickle car), and they can stop for gas and car washes en route. The controls are easy to use, and no internet access is needed. Road Trip also has no rules, time limits, third-party ads or in-app purchases.


Thinkrolls 2

$5.49 | iOS and $3.99 | Android

This fun puzzle app has 270 levels, so it’ll keep your little traveller busy. As kids play, they learn about science concepts such as gravity, density and acceleration. This app is no snooze, though. It features quirky graphics, hilarious characters and amusing scenarios. It’s also free of ads and in-app purchases. (For more brain-teasing fun, download the original Thinkrolls.)

Toca Blocks

$5.49 | iOS and $5.49 | Android

Toca Blocks invites kids to dream up and explore cool new worlds, complete with a cast of superheroes. The tactile building blocks have different characteristics (like bouncy, sticky or magical), and they change colours and patterns when combined. Players can take snapshots of their creations and swap levels with other players. The app has no third-party ads or in-app purchases.


Ubongo Puzzle Challenge

$3.99 | iOS and $3.99 | Android

Based on a popular board game, this app challenges players to solve puzzles with interlocking shapes. The faster you work, the more jewels you collect. Ubongo has three single-player modes. Puzzles increase in difficulty, and “free mode” offers more than 6,000 random levels. For added fun, players can race against others online.

Monument Valley

$5.49 | iOS, and $1.49 | Android

In this beautiful, award-winning game, players guide a princess, Ida, on a mysterious quest through a world of fantastical architecture, mind-bending geometry and secret pathways. The game has 10 levels, and the Forgotten Shores expansion (about $3) offers eight more.

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