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Staying Connected at a Destination Wedding

How Rogers Travel Packs made Mexico magical for this maid of honour
Illustration by Laura Perez

When Becca asked me to be her maid of honour, I was flattered, honoured and excited all at once – Becca and Greg truly belong together! Then she told me they were planning a destination wedding in sunny Mexico, and I started to worry. How would I be able to handle my maid-of-honour responsibilities, like keeping things organized and making sure her surprise bachelorette party stayed a surprise, once we arrived in Cancun?

Then I remembered that I could easily add a Rogers Travel Pack to my wireless plan, so I could talk, text and access the internet while down south without worrying about how much I’ll be charged. Phew!

Pre-flight Planning

My bag was packed, and my smartphone was charged and ready with all the wedding party's contact info (conveniently synched through my Rogers One Number™ account) when I came up with a great way to help Becca: I offered her my additional bag – and to pay the extra-bag charge – to transport her wedding gown. That way she'd have more room for everything else. I know. I rock.

Arrival Day

We landed in Cancun, but that extra bag I offered Becca? It was still in Calgary. Thankfully, Mexican law requires that the bride and groom be in the country for three business days prior to the ceremony, anyway, so we didn't freak out. Well, not too much. The airline promised to send the suitcase to the resort as soon as it arrived the next day. In the cab, I quickly turned on my data and emailed the hotel to let them know that the guests were on their way so there would be ice cold piña coladas waiting there for us when we arrived.

The resort? OMG. Absolutely gorgeous! While the couple met with their wedding coordinator, I explored the lush gardens and soothing beaches around the property. One of the hotel staff pointed out where couples usually take their vows – a spot that overlooks the ocean, and the beauty of it all brought tears to my eyes. What can I say, I’m sentimental. I uploaded several photos of the view to the wedding Facebook page I'd set up for Becca and Greg's friends and family, especially those who couldn't attend the big event. Within minutes, I received several “Likes.” I made a mental note to keep adding photos to the page.

The Next Day

Since the airline would call my smartphone and not the hotel, I was free to take a tour of the Mayan ruins of Tulum with Becca, Greg and a few of the other bridesmaids and groomsmen. More photos were uploaded to their Facebook page while we were touring. When the airline confirmed the bag was en route, I called the resort and arranged for Becca's gown to be steamed and hung in my room (so Greg wouldn't see it) once the suitcase got there.

The Day Before the Big Day

I snuck in a meeting with the resort's wedding coordinator to see about making Becca and Greg's day even more special. And, thanks to covert texting, the bridesmaids and I pulled off Becca's secret spa-day bachelorette party without a hitch. In case you were wondering, beachside massages are as fabulous as they sound.

The Big Day

The ceremony was even more beautiful than I thought it could be – and I posted the video (one of Greg's friends took it for me) on the way to the reception. At the reception, I used my smartphone – and the projector the wedding coordinator arranged – to play the congratulatory video messages for the bride and groom I gathered in advance from friends and family back home. The moment made them both teary. Me, too. At the end of the night, we all agreed all the work had been worth it.

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