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Moving - Jul 12, 2017

Six apps and gadgets to help you move

Take (some of) the stress out of moving with these handy tools


Research has shown that moving can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, but there are tools you can use to let some of the air out of that proverbial balloon of anxiety and tension. Here are six apps and gadgets that can help you pack, plan, sort and move with ease.

Moving Planner

This free app for Android devices serves as an all-in-one packing-and-prep list maker, so that you can keep track of all your stuff – and which box it’s in! – when you move. Using an array of ready-to-fill templates, you can create unlimited lists, which you can then sort, colour code, rearrange, print, edit and share so that you and your family are always on top of your things.


If you’ve got an iOS device, Sortly can be your go-to moving organizer. Via the free app or the Web interface, Sortly lets you create folders, lists, labels, notes, photos and even 15-second videos to help you easily pack and unpack. And with automatic cloud backup, everything is saved, stored and ready for you whenever and wherever you need it.


Moving is a great opportunity to declutter, but who has time to host a garage sale amid the pre-move chaos? The letgo app helps you quickly and easily get rid of the stuff you no longer want. Just use the free app (iOS and Android) to snap a pic of the item you want to sell, and it’s posted for sale within seconds – autocategorized and titled thanks to the app’s image-recognition capabilities.


Moving involves a lot of manual labour – and sometimes that work requires many helping hands. If you’ve exhausted your friends and family, try the free AskforTask app (iOS and Android) to find local “taskers” willing to pitch in as needed, whether it’s helping you pack, cleaning your new place or loading and unloading your furniture if you’re doing a DIY move.

Forearm Forklift

Not everything in your home can be packed into a box, and the Forearm Forklift makes moving large, heavy items – such as furniture or appliances – safer and easier. Using the physics of leverage, these super-strong, adjustable straps attach to your forearms and help you lift heavy objects with correct posture, preventing damage to your floors and to yourself.

EZ Moves PowerMaxx Furniture Lifter and Slides

Once all your furniture has arrived at your new place, you’ll need to spend some time arranging it all, and EZ Moves’ lifters and slides make it a snap. Just use the lifter to raise your heavy item off the floor, slip a slide under each corner, then easily move your couch, cabinet or appliance wherever you’d like it to go – and without scratching your floors.

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