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Q&A with Victoria Bernard

Connected recently spoke to this recent Ted Rogers Scholarship recipient. Keep an eye out for her profile here in October.

Born and raised in P.E.I., Victoria Bernard started classes at the University of Calgary in September. Below, she shares some of the eye-opening experience that accompanied her foray into higher education.

Q: What program are you going into?

A: I am going into a four-year nursing degree program.

Q: We know it was your first time out West. What was the experience like? What were you most excited about being in Calgary?

A: I had a great experience flying out West and starting a new life in Calgary while attending university. I have seen many beautiful parks and remarkable architecture in and around downtown Calgary. I was most excited to meet new friends at my university and elsewhere who come from various cultural backgrounds, and have inspiring stories to share.

Q: How was frosh week? What were some of the most memorable parts?

A: Frosh week was amazing and very informative. There was something happening nearly every day of the week on campus. I learned a lot about what to expect from university life through various sessions and workshops I attended. I was also able to meet and become acquainted with the members of my faculty and the students who I will be studying with for the duration of my degree program. But my favourite part of frosh week was the Video Dance Party. I attended this event with a few of my friends whom I met earlier that day and we had an awesome time together!

Q: How was your first week of classes?

A: My first week of classes went well. My lecture halls are quite large, having the capacity to seat several hundred students depending on the room. But I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures and introduced myself to my professors for the semester!

Q: What’s been the best part about university so far?

A: The best part about university so far is being able to work with my new friends through assignments, volunteer work and sports. I value the company and support of my classmates and friends, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all!

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