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Q&A with Sean Roufosse

Find out how much this recent Ted Rogers Scholarship recipient is enjoying his first week of university

For this native of Abbotsford, B.C., student life at the University of British Columbia includes a healthy dose of independence – from choosing vegetables to selecting courses.

Q: What program are you going into?

A: It’s a bachelor of science in forestry; forest operations major.

Q: How was orientation week? What were some of the most memorable parts?

A: There were some events planned for first week, however the most notable one was definitely Imagine Day, which was the first-day orientation. There was a huge event where we heard speeches from the dean of the faculty, and then we went to the arena with the first-year students from every other faculty. It was pretty cool to hear from the university’s president and see all of my fellow students.

Q: How was your first week of classes?

A: It was somewhat stressful because it’s a new experience and a lot different from high school. But it’s also been pretty fun. I’m in a lot of classes that I find interesting, so it makes it way more engaging and personal. The workload is challenging, and being away from home is a big change, so the first week was pretty hectic and required a lot of adjustments. I finally felt like I’d gotten in the groove though.

Q: What’s been the best part about university so far?

A: Autonomy is obviously a huge factor of university life, and that can be seen as both a good side and a bad side. It’s definitely nice to be able to make my own decisions on everything from which vegetables to buy to which classes I should take. Being able to shape my learning around my interests has been really fun and makes me feel excited about studying, rather than just seeing it as a chore.

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