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Q&A with Marissa Benson

This recent Ted Rogers Scholarship enjoyed a few pleasant surprises entering university studies for the first time in September

At the University of Windsor, this resilient 21-year-old is now pursuing a degree in social work and realizing a lifelong dream. Below, she shares some memorable moments from her first week of classes. You can read more about her path to success here.

Q: What program are you going into?

A: I am entering into the social work program at the University of Windsor.

Q: How was orientation week? What were some of the most memorable parts?

A: I was not able to attend orientation, but I have many friends from church and high school who have shown me around, told me about all the great programs, and we also study together. My most memorable moment at the university so far was running into an old friend from high school that I used to be really close with. She is also in her second year of social work and now we study together and have reconnected. She picked me up at 10 p.m. once just to go have coffee and study. We both talked about high school, university, our studies, and got some assignments done. It was really awesome being able to reconnect and even more awesome that we are going through this university experience together, and studying the same program!

Q: How were your first few weeks of classes?

A: My first week of classes only consisted of one one-hour class and it was nice, but my second week of school was amazing. I really enjoy my classes, and so far my social-welfare class is my favourite. I also very much enjoy my abnormal-psychology class. The lectures have up to 200 students, which is so crazy but cool. I really enjoy learning and love the atmosphere at the university.

Q: What’s been the best part about university so far?

A: The best part about university so far is the flexibility and resources. I was able to choose my own schedule for classes, and the professors are great. I love that there are so many places around campus to study, meet people, lounge and eat. The Leddy Library and CAW centre are my favorite places to relax and study. It's so busy on campus! I love being here, knowing that all these people – including me! – are going to be a huge part of our future with important jobs and careers.

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