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Q&A with Anta Samb

Recent Ted Rogers Scholarship recipient Anta Samb shares her views on the first week of classes

In an interview with Connected, this first-year engineering student reveals some of the highlights of starting university in her hometown.

Q: What program/university are you going into?

A: I’m going to study civil engineering at Polytechnique de Montréal.

Q: Did you have frosh week? If so, what were some of the most memorable parts?

A: I had a frosh week and one of the most memorable parts was when I got renamed as Manta Ray.

Q: How was your first weeks of classes?

A: My first weeks of classes were quite good. However, when it comes to social interactions, due to the number of people, they’re harder to make. So I joined a few student clubs, such as the Debate Team, and made new friends!

Q: What’s been the best part about university so far?

A: The best part about university so far is definitely the view I can get of the city. Since Polytechnique is on top of a hill and full of gigantic windows, I have the chance to see a beautiful sunset almost every day.