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Incredible Corfu

A whirlwind family vacation on a picturesque Greek island is made all the more memorable with Roam Like Home

I’ve wanted to visit Greece for years – I was just waiting until my kids were old enough to appreciate its history, culture and beauty (and not drive me crazy on the long flights). Earlier this summer, that time finally came. I’d read that international tourism to Greece would help the country’s struggling economy, so it was as good a time to go as ever. My husband and I packed up our two sons, ages 10 and 8, and travelled to the island of Corfu for three days (as part of a larger European vacation spanning two full weeks).

Day 1

I grab my smartphone to look up what time Aqualand opens. It may not be representative of Greece’s history or culture, but my kids begged to go to this highly rated waterpark, which is located in the heart of Corfu. Our hotel has Wi-Fi, but it’s expensive and slow. Doesn’t matter – I’m using my smartphone just like I do at home, thanks to Roam Like Home™, a feature available to Share Everything™ plan members. I just pay $10* per day when roaming within an eligible country and voilà, I can use my device just as I would back in Canada, worry-free. (To enroll, text “travel” to 222.) Once at Aqualand, I take about a million pictures of the boys zooming down waterslides and swimming in the wave pool, which I immediately post to Instagram. Why not? With Roam Like Home, I can post to social media with the same freedom I enjoy back home.

We spend the afternoon at family-friendly Agios Gordios beach, swimming in the sea and relaxing under the shade of a rented umbrella. My oldest son plays a couple of games on my iPhone, which is fine, because with Roam Like Home, he’s just using my phone’s data plan. When our stomachs start to rumble, I take my phone back to look up which of the town’s restaurants might be best for my picky eaters. I find one called Linda’s and give them a call to ensure it’s open (Roam Like Home includes local calls and calls to Canadian numbers). Turns out it’s a lovely family restaurant with a warm, inviting atmosphere. We all choose pastitsada, a traditional Greek dish associated with the island. This version features veal with spaghetti in tomato sauce – yum!

Day 2

After breakfast, I check TripAdvisor to find reviews of Corfu’s Old Fortress, a castle constructed by the Venetians in 1546. (Despite their young age, my kids are already history buffs.) The reviews look good, so we head over, and we’re blown away. After wandering through, we walk to the very top, which is marked by a lovely lighthouse and offers incredible views of the town and the sea. I take a panoramic shot with my phone and text it to my brother. His reply: “Mind. Blown.” He can’t believe I’m texting photos all the way from Europe.

After a bit of shopping and wandering through the lovely shops near the fortress, we spend our afternoon swimming at our hotel’s pool and relaxing in the sun. Before dinner, my younger son begs me for a bit of screen time. A few minutes won’t hurt, so he uses my phone to watch a couple of YouTube videos. Normally on vacation I’d stress out about streaming video – the fees can really add up – but with Roam Like Home, I’m not worried. It’s just $10* per day (and I’m only charged up to a maximum of 10 days per monthly bill), and then I use data from my plan, just like I would at home.

Day 3

We want to spend today on the water, so I use my phone to book a boat cruise that takes us to the islands of Paxi and Antipaxi. After a couple of hours on board, enjoying snacks and fabulous views, we enter the Blue Caves of Paxi and take dozens of unbelievable photos, which I immediately email to my BFF. Later, we enter the port of Gaios and moor close to the central square of the village. We walk the lovely narrow streets and have lunch at a traditional tavern with a view of the sea. I can’t help but launch my Twitter app and brag a little about our incredible day. Talk about living in the moment – worry-free!

Going on vacation? Use your phone worry-free like you do at home with Roam Like Home on your Share Everything plan. For more details, visit or text “travel” to 222 to make sure you’re enrolled. If so, you’ll receive an SMS telling you you’re good to go.

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*Taxes extra. The fee is a pay-per-use rate and subject to change without notice. Fee is charged per line (in addition to your Share Everything plan monthly fee) and applies for 24 hours from first use while in an eligible country. Roaming charges apply when outside the eligible country. Data: Usage exceeding your plan allotment is charged in increments rounded up to the next MB or GB (as applicable based on your plan). Texts: Includes texts sent to a local wireless number while in an eligible country or to a Canadian wireless number. Sent/received premium texts, sent international texts to countries other than the eligible countries are charged at applicable rates. Calls: While in an eligible country, includes unlimited calls to local numbers or Canadian numbers. International long-distance rates apply to calls made to other countries while in an eligible country. Roam Like Home is not available with Wireless Home Phone. See for full terms and conditions and list of eligible countries.