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Moving - Oct 10, 2017

Getting your home ready to sell

Five tips for prepping and staging your home for maximum profit

Selling your home? The housing market has favoured buyers lately, but you can boost your property’s appeal with tried-and-true tactics that realtors and home stagers rely on.

“People are busy! Regardless of what the market is doing, buyers tend to favour homes where they can simply unpack, rather than clean or make repairs before bringing their families and possessions inside,” says Ian Busher, a realtor with Fox Marin in Toronto. “Staging and proper prep result in more showings, more offers and ultimately what every seller wants: a higher sold price.”

Tackle these home-improvement projects on your own or with professional help.

1. Fix it up.

Cracked tiles, flaking paint, grubby grout, stained carpets, and a squeaky or leaky anything are turnoffs to potential buyers. Make all those repairs you’ve been putting off and update any tired decor. New baseboards, fresh paint or a coat of varnish can work wonders. When choosing paints, tiles, fabrics, cabinet doors, etc., aim for tasteful, neutral colours and styles.

2. Declutter completely.

Getting rid of stuff will help your home feel airy and spacious. Working room by room, identify items for disposal, donation, recycling, giving away and selling. Don’t rush. It probably took years to accumulate this stuff, and you don’t want to make decisions you’ll regret. Feeling overwhelmed? Ask a friend to help, or hire a professional organizer.

3. Make it spotless.

Once repairs and renos are out of the way, give your house a deep clean and keep it sparkling. We’re not just talking dusting and vacuuming – think steam-cleaning carpets, cleaning light fixtures, power-washing walkways, scrubbing appliances and washing windows inside and out. Tidy inside closets, cabinets and storage spaces (yes, people peek inside). Once your house is on the market, sweep or vacuum daily and keep the lawn, hedges and trees neatly trimmed.

4. Redecorate and brighten.

Make space by keeping only essential furniture, and rearrange the pieces so that rooms are easy to move around and have clear sightlines into adjacent areas. Take advantage of natural light to brighten up rooms. Add floor and table lamps in darker spaces, or install higher-wattage lightbulbs. Minimize items on mantels, shelves, countertops and tables. Refresh bathrooms with bathmats, towels, vanity accessories and shower curtains that create a spa-like ambience.

5. Take yourself out of the picture.

Help visitors envision themselves in your home by removing personal photos, mementoes and quirky, kitschy or political knick-knacks. Put away valuables, personal items (such as prescription drugs) and confidential documents. The house shouldn’t have any noticeable odours – air it out regularly and keep cooking to a minimum.

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