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Apps - Apr 17, 2018

Five must-have city apps for your next big trip

Tools to make travel to these foreign cities a snap, in more ways than one

Cities are getting into the travel-app space in a whole new way, allowing residents and visitors alike to better navigate unfamiliar environs. Here are five from around the world that will help amplify your next trip.

New York City

Exit Strategy NYC $5.49 | iOS

As you might expect, the Big Apple has a number of helpful apps for visitors, one of which is Exit Strategy NYC. Taking the subway is a great way to explore the five boroughs, and this app makes it even more seamless. You use it to position yourself at the perfect entry and exit door on the train based on where you’re heading, so you won’t have to fight through crowds across the platform to get in and out. It saves you a surprising amount of time, and relieves anxiety as you negotiate a new transit system.


Heetch Free | iOS; Android

A trip to Paris means late-night walks enjoying the gorgeous scenery, midnight eats and a nice glass of wine...and safe ride home. That’s where Heetch comes in. The app – which is expanding across Europe but remains the strongest in Paris – operates similarly to Uber, except that its network of vehicles operates only from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. That means no surge pricing, not to mention dedicated drivers who know how to traverse the City of Light late at night.

Hong Kong

OpenRice Free | iOS; Android

Ditch whichever website or app you use at home to find restaurants; while travelling in Hong Kong, all you need is OpenRice. It’s the most up-to-date source on restaurants in the region – all restaurants. Did you walk by a food stall on the street earlier in the day, but can’t remember exactly where it is? OpenRice can help you find it. Not only that, it has thousands of reviews and photos so you can ensure you’re heading into the right place.


Drinki Free | iOS; Android

London is vast, labyrinthine – and expensive. Drinki wants to help. In collaboration with bars across the city, this app not only helps you discover the best nightspots and available discounts, it also entitles you to one free adult beverage to start your night off right. No doubt, the underlying hope is you’ll spend the rest of your evening at said establishment, but you’re probably downloading the app right now – they had you at “free adult beverage.”

Buenos Aires

Porteño Spanish Free | iOS; Android

Whether you’re fluent in Spanish or hoping to get by on your Grade 10 lessons from way back when, Porteño Spanish is a handy app to have at your fingertips while in Buenos Aires. Argentinians have their own unique slang, which this app helps you understand, so you can better interact with and understand the locals you meet during your travels. The app includes an overall dictionary, as well as quizzes to help you handle common words and phrases.

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