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Five great reasons to sign up for Rogers Moves Concierge

Moving day can be a hectic time for you and your family. Here’s one way to make it easier on everyone – before, during and after.

We all know that moving house can be a major headache. So next time you change addresses, why not makes things a little easier on yourself? Rogers Moves Concierge can help make your move a smooth one, with cutting-edge tools and a dedicated representative to walk you through every stage, from transferring or changing services, to installation and more. Keep your beloved high-speed broadband internet and Smart Home Monitoring – and your same monthly bill – with no fuss!

Here are the top five reasons for busy families to take advantage of the one-stop-shop stress-buster that is Rogers Moves Concierge.

1. Personalized service

Moving involves a million tiring tasks. Let Rogers Moves Concierge do the heavy lifting for you. A dedicated specialist will work directly with you to streamline the entire process, leaving you free to tackle the rest of your to-do list.

2. Follow-up

The Rogers Moves Concierge agent will follow up with you before and after the installation of internet, TV, home-phone services and Smart Home Monitoring, to ensure that everything has gone smoothly and nothing has fallen between the cracks.

3. Flexibility

Installation can be booked on your move-in day in convenient two-hour appointment windows. That means no waiting around while you could be scouring the kitchen at your old place or hauling a fresh round of boxes into your new one.

4. Extended hours

Moves don’t always happen on weekdays between 9 and 5, so Rogers Moves Concierge has extended its business hours to give you a break. Rogers Moves Concierge is open seven days a week, from 7 a.m. until midnight. Call during a morning coffee break or late-night planning powwow with your partner.

5. Full-service setup

Professional installers will set up all your services, from start to finish. No effort required on your part. Instead, you can sit back, relax and enjoy some well-deserved pizza and beer in your new pad. Installation/service call fees may apply.

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