Apps - Jun 9, 2014

Ease and Security with the CIBC Mobile Payment App

Using a mobile-payment app is safer than using your wallet

The transition from physical wallets to digital-payment apps might lead you to ask yourself, “How can something so easy to use also be secure?” With mobile-payment apps, like the CIBC Mobile Payment App, the answer is simple: it's been designed with your protection in mind.

If you didn’t buy it, you don’t have to pay for it

The CIBC Mobile Payment App offers total protection against unauthorized payments. If you spot something fishy in your transaction record and report it within 30 days of that monthly statement period, you get a full refund.* If your phone gets lost or is stolen, you can simply call CIBC to cancel the mobile card and prevent any future credit-card purchases, just like that. Your old wallet only wishes it could be that smart.

Get extra protection… if you want it

On top of the passcode you already have for your phone, you can also create an optional unique passcode to access the CIBC Mobile Payment App. The code is then stored on a special, ultra-protected chip – called the Secure Element – in your phone. Any information stored in the Secure Element can't be accessed by anyone other than authorized CIBC programs. This means that even if someone were to get ahold of your phone, they wouldn't get too far in trying to make a digital payment. Take that, thieves.

All your credit-card data is kept safe

The Secure Element also stores your credit-card data, which is encrypted and only accessible by trusted CIBC programs, making counterfeit transactions next to impossible. What's more, the app and mobile credit card are only active for the brief moment when you're actually making a payment at checkout. It doesn’t get much safer than that.

Download the CIBC Mobile Payment App for your compatible device from Google Play, the Samsung App Store and BlackBerry World.

Before you get started, make sure you have:

CIBC credit card + eligible device + suretap™ SIM (which you can order by calling 1-888-ROGERS1)

For more information on how to change or activate your SIM, click here.

And for more information on the CIBC Mobile Payment App, click here.

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*You are not liable for unauthorized credit card transactions as long as you notify CIBC that your mobile device was lost or stolen and comply with the CIBC Cardholder Agreement, which includes reviewing each monthly statement and reporting possible unauthorized or fraudulent transactions to CIBC within 30 days of the last day of the statement period for the monthly statement on which those transactions appeared.