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Apps - Sep 1, 2017

Five apps to help you stay sane this September

It's time to get organized

School is officially back in session. With the back-to-class rush upon us, many students – and parents – will be looking for ways to organize hectic fall schedules. Juggling classes, assignments and after-school activities is no easy feat, but luckily there’s a whole host of tech tools out there to help you optimize your time. Here’s our top five apps for fitting it all in.

1. myHomework Student Planner

Free (basic; Premium: $6.99/year iOS, $4.99 Android) | iOS; Android

This on-the-go planner has been featured by New York Times and ABC Chicago, and with good reason. The simple, easy-to-use app has already helped legions of schoolkids organize their class schedules, homework calendars and academic agendas.

2. Evernote

Free (basic; Premium, $69.99/year) | iOS; Android

For many, family life in September is a flurry of activity – and things often fall through the cracks. Signed field-trip permission slips are late and doctor’s appointments are missed. Evernote keeps communication streamlined with handy to-do messages and voice notes that anyone in the family can access on their device. A digital checklist for you and yours.

3. OverDrive

Free | iOS; Android

This app is a lifesaver for kids and parents alike. The media console allows you to borrow eBooks and audiobooks and stream videos, from more than 30,000 libraries worldwide – and at a moment’s notice. No more time-consuming last-minute trips to the library! And no more expensive fines when you forget to return the books.

4. TeamSnap

Free (basic; Plus: $1.99) | iOS; Android

Soccer moms and hockey dads know the frustration of trying to keep up with an ever-changing slate of practices, games and gatherings. With TeamSnap, parents can avoid Monday-morning meltdowns and easily keep up with the team on their smartphone, managing schedules, getting live game updates – and even sharing fun photos from the field or rink. This season will be a snap.

5. Week Plan

Free (basic; Ultimate: $19.99) | iOS; Android

Inspired by Stephen Covey’s blockbuster book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, this app helps you focus on getting the most important things done, and not just the most urgent. The planner gives you the big picture for the whole week, helping you to check off tasks and achieve goals. It also includes time-tracking tools to see where your hours are going (i.e. video games and Netflix). But best yet, for stressed-out students there’s a “parking lot” where you can dump all your worries, freeing up your mind to focus on the schoolwork at hand.

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