Roaming - Mar 8, 2017

9 reasons why tablets are great travel companions

These hardworking mobile devices make it easy to search, explore and connect


Small, light and easy to use, tablets have become an indispensable tool for travellers. It’s hard to beat their combination of convenience and capability. Here’s why a tablet deserves a spot in your travel bag.

1. Travel Apps

Get more out of your trip by downloading free or low-cost destination guides, walking tours, maps, transit apps, reviews, language tools, airline apps and more.

2. Navigation

Looking up maps and directions is easier when you have a spacious screen. If you choose a tablet with a built-in GPS chip, you can check your route without Wi-Fi access.

3. Entertainment

Whether you’re travelling solo or with the whole family, ease the boredom of long flights, car rides and layovers by loading up your tablet with TV shows, movies, apps and games. (For better sound quality, pack noise-cancelling earphones, too.) And if you happen to be a Netflix member, you can now download (in addition to stream) series and films – this new Netflix on- the-go feature is available for tablets operating on Android or iOS.

4. Web Surfing

With a tablet, you can comfortably go online and look up information, read reviews, make reservations, buy tickets – everything you’re used to doing at home.

5. Photo Editing

Transfer pics from your phone or camera to your tablet and you can work magic with photo editing apps. Try Snapseed, VSCO and AirBrush.

6. Social Media

Go ahead, share those gorgeous photos on Facebook or Instagram! And never miss a status update from friends and family, if you’ve got those apps on your tablet.

7. Working Remotely

Can’t get away from work entirely? You can handle a lot of tasks on your tablet. A wide range of productivity apps help you get stuff done so you can get out and explore.

8. E-reading

With a tablet, you can bring a digital library on your travels. Read dozens of magazines offline with a TextureTM subscription or find juicy novels via e-reading apps like iBooks, Kobo and Kindle.

9. Staying Connected to Friends and Family

Wherever you wander, it’s reassuring to know you can stay in touch with loved ones via email, messaging apps or video chat.

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