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3 Apps to Help Run Your Sports Team

Whether you’re a player, a coach or a team manager, these apps can help you better manage the team

Keeping tabs on sports leagues, players and stats doesn’t have to be exclusive to the pros. These apps let parents, coaches and team managers stay on top of their sports team, easily communicate information and teach youngsters fundamentals on playing the game.

1. TeamSnap

Free (starts at $7.99/month/team for Basic)
iOS and Android

Team management, even for recreational sports, can be a lot of work, and this app simplifies much of that. You can organize rosters, schedules and venues, and also sync dates and times with Facebook and your own calendar on your phone or tablet. TeamSnap Live is a paid feature that allows parents or teammates to follow the action with real-time updates. For a monthly fee, you can dig really deep with payment tracking, player stats and a customized interface with team logo and colours.

2. GameChanger

Free ($7.99/month for Premium Fan Access)

Specifically for baseball, softball and basketball, this app is all about keeping scores and stats in one place. Scorekeepers, coaches and parents can use the app not only to track the details of a game, but relatives or friends who can’t be there to watch can also follow along in real time. Stats are kept organized throughout the season, including analytics to help coaches and administrators make critical decisions before and during a match.

3. CoachBase

Free (in-app purchases)
iOS and Android

For those running a team and looking to build teamwork and cohesiveness, this app is like a digital playbook, where coaches or managers can diagram animated plays. They can be presented on larger screens using an Apple TV or Chromecast, or players can view them on their iOS or Android devices using the free companion-viewer app. Over 20 sports are supported, but not all are free, and there are other extra features that require payment to unlock.


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